Zoology Personal Statements

Sample Zoology Personal Statements

As far back as I can remember, I have been surrounded by animals. Whilst, as with most young children, their presence was initially a simple source of joy, as I have gotten older, I have become increasingly interested in – to put it simply – ‘how they work’. That is, I am fascinated by their internal structures and processes, and how these relate to their behaviour. Moreover, I am interested in how their specific characteristics – whether behavioural or physical – are related to their genetic composition, and how this has been shaped over the course of evolution. Furthermore, I am intrigued by the way in which people organise animals within our societies, and the impact that this has on the wider environment. It is because of this passion for animals that I wish to study them at university, and why I have endeavoured always to be around them.

In regard to this pursuit, I have undertaken several work placements that have involved working directly with animals and those that care for them. Whilst, of course, it was a pleasure to be involved in such work, I also gained a greater appreciation of what working with animals can involve. For instance, I spent a week volunteering with a veterinary group. Whilst there, I was able to assist in a variety of practical tasks, including preparing the operating table, holding animals during injections, and recording their weight. Additionally, I had the chance to speak to the staff, who, on one hand, emphasised to me the potential difficulties associated with working with animals, such as observing them in pain. On the other, however, I gained a sense of how rewarding it must be to have an advanced understanding of them and how this might be used to ensure their health.

Throughout 2011 I held a weekend job at a stud and livery yard. Whilst this largely entailed handling and grooming horses, I was also able to learn about the science behind artificial inseminations. During the previous year, I worked as a farm hand at a pig and poultry farm throughout the summer. Here, I was responsible for making sure that all the animals were looked after. Additionally, I developed an understanding of the maintenance of both free-range and battery hens.

In my spare time, I do a lot of work with horses. For example, I ride with the British Show Jumping Association, competing at both local and international events. I am also an elected Pony Club Team Leader, taking responsibility for young riders and their ponies. For this role, I have had to develop excellent time-management skills to ensure that ponies are prepared in time for their riders. Additionally, I initiated the development of a riding team for my school. This required that I recruit individuals and organise events to enable us to practise and compete. As a consequence, I have been able to develop my organisational skills and ability to work within a team, all the while working towards something that I greatly enjoy.

Having studied both biology and chemistry at college, I am aware that science is something that gives me a lot of satisfaction. I am continually impressed by the ingenious ways in which scientists have been able to unlock the secrets of how living organisms function. There is a beauty inherent in the processes that occur within animals that complements their external aesthetic. Moreover, studying science has, of course, given me a solid foundation of the principles of scientific investigation and of the central concepts upon which these subjects are based. I believe that this foundation of knowledge, in addition to my extensive experience of working with animals, will serve as a solid basis from which to progress into higher education.

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