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We’ve got revision guides, course listings, and apprenticeship listings, all of which are constantly updated to ensure that we are providing you with the most current and accurate information.

You’ll also find all the dates and times for university and college Open Days in the UK – every single one, as well as tips and examples of how to write your personal statement, and general university advice.

Everything you need to help prepare for the next step in your education journey is here.

Find The Right Institution & Courses

Going to university or college is not just about the subject you are going to study. There is so much more to consider when making your decision. For example, you may find the perfect course, but discover the university is definitely not the place where you want to spend the next three years! Making these kinds of decisions requires research, time, and consideration, which is why we’ve created Institution Profiles to help you decide.

What will you find?

Each profile allows you to see what courses that institution offers, so if you know for certain you want to study at a particular place, you can see which course you’d enjoy.

They also include all the statistics and links you need to make your decisions, from overall student satisfaction to fees, the average cost of accommodation, and post-graduation employability rates.

Institution Map

Use our interactive map to browse through UK university profiles.

Find an institution using our UK map of institution locations, just select a pin to see an overview about the institution, you can either find out more information about the institution or view all of the available courses the institution has to offer.

View Institutions Map

Take a look through our university advice and course descriptions to make the right choice for your future!

Open Days

Visiting institutions on Open Days is a great way to learn more about a place from people who work, live, and study there, and to get a real feel for it. They can often be the deciding factor when students are trying to narrow down their options or offers.

On our calendar, you’ll see that Open Days happen across the year, so you can choose one at a time that works for you. We’ve listed every single Open Day happening in the UK, and constantly update our information so you never need to worry about missing one.

It’s a good idea to book into at least a couple of Open Days at different places, to make sure you get a full picture before you commit your choices on UCAS.

View Open Days

Revision Guides

Revising for your GCSEs or A-Levels can be incredibly stressful, which is why we’ve carefully designed a wide range of subject guides, specifically for students taking their school exams. To maximise their benefit, each guide covers several topics so that you’ll be able to find a guide, no matter what exam board you’re sitting, or the syllabus you’ve studied.

Revision guides are fantastic ways to help you organise and structure how you revise, allowing you to identify the areas that you need to work on most, and helping you to break down a subject into topics and digestible chunks. Our guides will allow you to see the topic as simply as possible, encouraging you to build on your knowledge and test it by engaging with questions, designed to help consolidate your knowledge.

GCSE's A Levels

Personal Statement Help

We know that writing a personal statement for your uni application can seem like an impossible task. What on earth are you supposed to say? How do you write about your strengths and achievements without coming across as arrogant?

To help you answer these questions, we’ve created several guides to help you work out how to write your statement with advice from the experts. You’ll also find plenty of example personal statements. While these are for reference only and cannot be copied or used, reading through them will help you get an impression of what kind of things should be saying in your statement, how to structure it, and whether you need to think about reading some more books or taking on an internship in the next few months.

View Personal Statement Samples

University advice

Making the decision to study at university, college, or to not go at all, can be difficult, especially when there is so much different advice out there. Our University Advice aims to help you make these decisions as easily as possible.

Apprenticeships & Courses


Whilst most resources and websites only cater for students thinking of going to university or college, we believe that it is important to see the immense value and potential for apprenticeships. They are a fantastic route for those who perhaps don’t suit more formalised and institution-based education. Although a less traditional route, thanks to Government backing, apprenticeships are increasingly being as seen as a great alternative.

Check out our Apprenticeship listings

To help you work out whether an apprenticeship is the right route for you, we’ve listed thousands of apprenticeships available in the UK, and we update these weekly to make sure that we’re always providing you with the best information. You can search by keyword (such as the career you’d like to explore), apprenticeship level (whether you’ll need to have finished school or not), and location.


If you’re thinking of applying to university or college, you want to make sure you’re studying a course that you’ll enjoy! On our site, we’ve listed the thousands and thousands of courses available to study in the UK. You can search by keyword and location, so if you want to study English in London for example, you can select these options and search the list of courses that tick these boxes. Or if you want to study Chemistry in Scotland, you can again narrow down both your subject choice and where you want to study through our Course Search.

Finding out exactly what you want to study can be hard, and will likely take some to research what each course actually offers. Even if two institutions are offering the same subject, what the actual courses entail may vary dramatically, so make sure you thoroughly research the courses before you apply!

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