Apply to study Internationally

International UCAS applicants

Universities in the UK are recognised throughout the world so if you are an international student looking to apply you can do so through the organisation UCAS. Information about applying, choosing your course and university, entry requirements as well as results and offers is supplied by UCAS with detailed information available on its website.


The online application system can be accessed and completed 24 hours a day to suit the individual. After entering all your relevant details you will need to forward the application to a referee who will add a reference and subsequently pass it on to UCAS. Applying to more than one course, university or college will cost £23GBP, however single requests are charged at £12.

You will be required to write a 47 line (or 4000 character) personal statement in which you should explain why your chosen institution choice should offer you a place. The UCAS website has detailed guides and worksheets on how to go about this process.

University and course choice

Researching the university and course thoroughly is imperative as this decision will ultimately decide your future. The UCAS website has a Course Search facility that will enable you to search for the most appropriate university based on entry and qualification requirements. Visiting as many individual university websites as possible is also a good idea and speaking to actual students where possible will give you a greater understanding. Universities or colleges may have cultural or social clubs that you can join to make you feel more comfortable. Also make sure that the accommodation provided and support services available are to your standard.

Entry requirements

As the qualifications you have already received in your native country may be different to those required by UK universities, be prepared to provide physical evidence of your achievements. For clarification, visit UK NARIC (, an agency that specialises in assessing international qualifications.

English proficiency

The university or college you wish to attend will tell you what standard of written and spoken English they require. If English is not your first language and you do not hold a qualification, then you may need to take a specified test. However UCAS is able to guide you through this process.

Non-UK student fees

The individual university or college determines the cost of tuition fees in the UK. This does not take into account everyday living expenses such as accommodation, utilities and food, books and equipment for your course as well as any travel costs. Therefore you must be absolutely certain you can afford the costs relating to UK study.

Scholarships may be available from your chosen institution and if you are an EU citizen you could be eligible for support from the UK government. Again, UCAS is on hand to provide assistance and further information.

Further information

Applying for a student visa is not done through UCAS. The UK Border Agency website will contain all the relevant information for student visas and the UK Council for International Students can also provide support.