Veterinary Personal Statement

Sample Veterinary Personal Statement

Having always been interested in animals, my fascination has only increased as my understanding of their biology has grown. Looking into the twin processes of evolution and selective breeding has allowed me to understand some of the genetic drawbacks that certain species face, such as ventricular septal defects in bulldogs, and has awoken a desire within me to apply this knowledge to diagnosis and treatment. Veterinary medicine offers an opportunity to combine this concern for animal welfare with an ever-changing, intellectually stimulating professional environment.

Convinced of my desire to study veterinary medicine I have concentrated my studies on science and maths, particularly excelling in Biology, demonstrating my natural affinity with the subject and laying an excellent foundation for study. Chemistry and Physics have rounded out my understanding of the sciences, while Maths has improved my ability to approach problems in a rational, measured manner. My overall performance at GCSE demonstrates my positive attitude to study and my willingness to work hard to succeed in all subjects.

In addition to my commitment to studying the relevant subjects and increase my knowledge, I have undertaken a range of work experience to further my awareness of what the job actually entails. Beginning with a 2-week placement, where I assisted with preparing work surfaces prior to surgery or consultations and holding dogs and cats during injections. It was particularly impressive to see that way in which the vet approached all situations calmly, utilising impressive interpersonal skills when dealing with owners. Observing and assisting with consultations and surgery at Fern Cottage Veterinary Surgery allowed me observe the differences between practicing in South Africa and practising in the UK, offering employment experience across an international context. At Sjeal Arabian Horse Stud Farm I learnt about the connected processes of husbandry and breeding, and a vet’s role within them, as well as worming horses and observing a farrier at work. By developing this knowledge at Eye Horn Farm Stables, where I gained experience of checking for soundness and laminitis in racehorses, I have gained a strong sense of equine treatment in particular. A week spent lambing at a local farm, where I learnt about the Bluetongue virus and the Culicoides midge, also introduced me to the basics of veterinary medicine within a farming context.

Outside of my academic interests I am a keen sportsman, applying the same dedication to training as I have to my studies and work experience. As a Silver Sports Ambassador, I am charged with promoting Olympic values and encouraging younger members of my community to get involved in sport. This is a particularly exciting opportunity for me to pass on my passion for rugby, having played for both Sheppey RFC and my school team for a number of years. I also enjoy combining my passion for sport with raising money for charity, regularly running in the Paul Trigwell Island Run. Perhaps my proudest achievement was forming part of an expedition to Tanzania, which included summiting Kilimanjaro and working to improve a local primary school. While also improving my teamwork and leadership skills, this expedition allowed me to experience a different culture and has instilled in me a love of travelling.

As a hardworking student, I have applied the same dedicated attitude to my studies as I have to gaining employment experience in my chosen field. Through work experience and attending a Vetsim course, where I developed a particular interest in avian veterinary surgery that I would be keen to develop later, I have gained a real sense of what working within the field entails and am convinced that, as an empathetic person with excellent communication skills and a strong affinity with animal welfare issues, I have what it takes to make a real contribution to veterinary medicine.

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