Veterinary Personal Statement

Sample Veterinary Personal Statement

My ambition to become a vet has its origins in an early family life filled with animals and pets, a developing interest in the science of animal physiology, and a growing sense of the duty of care we owe to the creatures which serve us in so many ways – aesthetically, in their work for us and as part of our food supply. Work experience and volunteering have taught me to understand and appreciate the ‘guardian’ role played by the veterinarian in this relationship and this has served to increase my determination to pursue a career in a field which has a bearing on animal companionship and welfare, as well as human industry, community and health.

I have spent a total of eight weeks observing in various veterinary practices, where I have come to understand the need for practical and interpersonal skills, a good knowledge of biological-sciences as well as an ability to manage the business side of a practice. I observed a variety of procedures, from routine vaccinations to complex surgery, from administration to dealing with the public. I witnessed the removal of an eyeball from its socket due to trauma (Enucleation) and learnt of other causes for the condition, such as glaucoma, cancer or congenital deformity. Secondly, I was present when a Dalmatian was brought in with a suspected stroke, displaying the symptomatic head-tilt, abnormal eye-movement and limb weakness. The dog was monitored overnight, but its condition deteriorated the following morning to such an extent that serious consideration had to be given to euthanasia. It was at this point that the owner asked that very troubling question ‘What would you do if it was your dog?’ It demonstrated forcefully how important it is to appreciate the emotional involvement of the owner, and to balance this with a clear assessment of prognosis and cost. Witnessing euthanasia in the working environment and also visiting an abattoir has made me realise that I am able to remain sufficiently emotionally detached to make ethical but perhaps distressing decisions.

I have looked after my own mare for some years now, and have therefore been able to be provide competent equine husbandry at a nearby livery yard and identify problems like laminitis. I plan to undertake a one-week placement at The Newmarket Equine Hospital next year, which will further my knowledge in this area.I have worked for over three years in a kennel/cattery and CKCS show-kennel, which has broadened my knowledge of breeding, whelping, and hand-rearing puppies, and taught me much about inherited diseases like Syringomielia and MVD. A volunteer farm-assistant position and an intensive sheep husbandry course at a teaching agricultural farm have developed my livestock/lambing skills and clinical knowledge. I also hold certificates in equine first-aid, breeding, colic, lameness and sheep husbandry. I volunteer at Battersea Park Zoo, caring for a variety of animals ranging from meerkats to monkeys. After suitable training, I have learnt to work on my own initiative, dealing with each animal individually, gained proficiency in administering medication and come to appreciate the importance of record-keeping.

At school I was a year 7 mentor and senior prefect, contributing to general school discipline, which was good training in communication and leadership skills. I was also secretary of the science club and was awarded the prestigious ‘Chemistry cup’. Outside school, I attained grade-level at ballet. I enjoy travelling, and various sports, such as running, netball and horse riding. I work at a local animal sanctuary and I serve as a volunteer with Riding for the Disabled,

I have learnt time-management, how to work as a team member and interpersonal skills which I believe will serve me in good stead when dealing with the public in difficult and sometimes emotional situations. I am deeply committed to my goal and believe I have the experience and the personal qualities to become a successful veterinary student.

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