Veterinary Medicine Personal Statement

Example Veterinary Medicine Personal Statement

Growing up on a smallholding, I have always had close contact with a range of animals and enjoyed an active role in all aspects of their care. As a child, it seemed to me that the vets who tended to our livestock radiated efficiency and confidence, employing a wealth of expertise to save a creature’s life or end its suffering. I aspire to pursue and possess that expertise myself, entering into the unique vocation that has held my passionate interest for so long. Veterinary medicine promises the kinds of demands and satisfactions that I thrive on; continuous learning, true variety, outdoor work and focused interaction with animals. The scientific aspect holds particular appeal as I am a keen student who has won all my school’s biology, chemistry and physics prizes for two years. A peer-mentoring scheme has even seen me take on the role of assistant in a chemistry class. I find studying at the cellular and atomic levels fascinating; however, science becomes intensely rewarding when ideas translate into actions in the tangible world. Veterinary medicine, therefore, presents the opportunity for me to further my learning within a highly practical context.

Proactive in my organisation of relevant work placements, I have spent six months at a horse breaking, schooling and dealing yard where I became an integrated part of the team. In addition to keeping my own horse and riding with the local pony club, my family runs a small livery where I am helping to break in a Connemara. Therefore, I fully embraced the hands-on experience and was soon well known to customers, even being asked my opinion of horses for sale. I have since undertaken a short spell of dairy work, plus devoting time to helping on my grandfather’s farm. Through periods of shadowing at a veterinary lab and two mixed vet practices I have witnessed work on both large and small animals, in a typical daily routine. An arthritic dog receiving acupuncture treatment presented an unusual and inspiring case; however, it was handling animals, helping nurses to clean kennels and prepare caesarean kits that I felt gave me the most insight into the busy life of the practice. Having worked at a cattery for two years, my communication and interpersonal skills are already highly developed and I can swiftly put anxious owners at ease. I am also confident in taking responsibility for individual animals and working independently to maintain standards.

The charity Riding for the Disabled gave me the chance to spend time with handicapped children and instill in them an appreciation for animals: this in turn contributed to my completion of the Silver Duke of Edinburgh award (I am currently working towards Gold). Further demonstrating my dedication to extracurricular success, I also hold the R.L.S.S. bronze medallion and the British Red Cross first aid certificate. A prefect, my involvement with the student council and newspaper proved to be great preparation when I was chosen to represent fellow pupils at the Scottish Parliament, lobbying for more outdoor learning experiences. Having relished school sailing excursions, educational trips have always meant a lot to me. Their importance reached entirely new heights last summer, however, when I gained a place on a B.S.E.S. expedition to the Amazon. Utilising a great deal of imagination, motivation and time-management (I was simultaneously studying for my Highers) I raised over four thousand pounds to enable me to fulfil this dream. Working with the University of Iquitos, I carried out five weeks of research into turtles, river dolphins, caiman and macaws whilst canoeing on the Amazon and trekking through jungle. Without home contact, the many useful skills and personal strengths that I have described thus far were honed into maturity. The academic knowledge that I have built up also supports my desire to enrol on your course; I am genuinely looking forward to showing that I have the drive, enthusiasm and determination to succeed.

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