Therapy Personal Statement

Sample Therapy Personal Statement

I have always been equally enthusiastic about science subjects and sports. As I have grown older and intellectually more mature, my interest in these two areas has increasingly begun to overlap. Through studying science at school I gained an appreciation of the complex structures and mechanisms that comprise human physiology and anatomy. I am interested in the way that these different systems inter-connect and work in harmony with one another to create a collective whole of a functioning human body that is capable of complex manual tasks, impressive feats of strength, and also healing itself when it experiences illness or injury.

At the same time, being an enthusiastic participant in a range of sports and studying physical education at GCSE and A Level has given me both an appreciation of the importance of maintaining good physical health and a desire to be able to help others to overcome illness and injury. I am highly motivated to study osteopathy because on the one hand it will allow me to further my theoretical understanding of human anatomy, as well as equip me with the practical skills that will allow this knowledge to be put to positive use, and on the other hand because I am eager to pursue a career in which I can contribute to the wellbeing of others and improve their lives in the process. With the knowledge and skills I acquire through studying osteopathy at university, I intend to become a registered osteopath, and ultimately I hope to one day run my own clinic. This is an ambition that motivates me to take full advantage of studying at university.

My specific interest in osteopathy is also partly a result of my own experiences of visiting an osteopath to treat the lower back pain problems from which I suffer as a result of playing hockey. Visiting the osteopath has allowed me to learn about the specifics of my injury – a compression of the latissimus dorsi muscles in my upper back – and the methods of treating the problem, and the osteopath has also been happy to provide an explanation of the science behind the treatment. The experience has greatly increased both my understanding of human anatomy and my desire to become an osteopath. My enthusiasm for the subject has led to me informally shadowing the osteopath, who has also taught me more about the underlying principles of osteopathy, such as how diagnoses are made. This in turn has motivated me to read about the subject; at present I am studying ‘Healing with Osteopathy’ by Peter Sneddon.

Practicing osteopathy is about much more than having an in-depth knowledge of the human body and techniques for healing, as it is a profession that revolves around interacting with and caring for people. As a result, it requires a range of personal skills; I feel that I have acquired many of these through my work and extracurricular experiences. I am the head waitress and barmaid at a local pub; this position has taught me about holding a position of responsibility, as well as the value of good communication skills, and especially the importance of being a good listener. Completing the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award gave me first-hand experience in care-giving through receiving first-aid training and also completing voluntary work with a charity for disabled people. This voluntary work was particularly rewarding, and it also gave me a greater appreciation of the physical disabilities with which many people must live. My interest in providing care has also been stimulated by my love of horse riding, as I have had the privilege of being able to take care of the several horses that I have owned down the years. Some of my experiences and interests have also prepared me for the demands of university study. Playing hockey at county and school level has boosted my team working skills; a work experience placement on the reception desk of a life assurance company has helped teach me how to solve problems and work under pressure, and also given me advanced ICT skills.

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