Telecommunications Personal Statement

Sample Telecommunications Personal Statement

Coming as I do from one of the fastest developing states in the world and one of the architectural and technological wonders of the modern Gulf, I am keenly aware of the importance of the telecommunications industry in the successful workings of the modern advanced industrial state. I already hold a diploma in Telecommunication Engineering Technology, but to gain a leading position in the industry and to bring the most up-to-date thinking to the telecommunications facilities in my homeland I should like to study for a degree at a top-ranking UK university. The world ranking of UK universities, particularly in this subject area, is enough to give prestige and high standing to any student who emerges with a qualification, and I believe I have the experience and the academic expertise to make a success of the course.

Telecommunications engineering interests me because of its challenging complexity and because of the rate of progress which seems to characterise the industry it serves. I am keen to explore the world of digital communication, such areas as types of modulation, baseband pulse transmission, issues of error and noise, as well as current transmission systems – modems, xDSL techniques and modulation techniques for mobile radio. Equally exciting for the future of the industry is the development of optical communications and I should like to study further the fundamentals of optical fibre waveguiding, types of fibre and their particular properties, how loss is countered, as well as the types of devices which respond to optical signals. Laser transmission is another interest of mine, particularly the performance of laser diodes. What are the design principles of optical fibre amplifiers? Another area of the subject which has interested me is types of antenna and propagation models, and calculating gain and noise. Technology for mobile environments is likely to continue to be a pressing issue and I should like to discover more about modulation, equalization, channel coding and diversity techniques. Communication networks are also of central interest and importance. All of these areas of the subject offer interesting and fulfilling prospects for careers as well as for the satisfaction of sheer intellectual curiosity, but it is mastering the know-how and the professional skills which is my primary aims at this stage

I worked for some time as an IT trainee with the Foundation, which gave me useful practical experience of the working world I plan to enter after graduation. I believe that my training so for has given me an excellent grounding in the subject. I feel confident in my ability to deal with the more complex material in a course.

As an individual and as a student I am hard-working and fully focused on achieving my goals. I learn quickly and respond very positively to new ideas. I enjoy a challenge and thrive under pressure. I work efficiently with others, but have the confidence in my own ability and my own judgements to be equally happy working on my own. I can promise total commitment to achieving success on a Master’s course and look forward keenly to carrying my new expertise back to Qatar and becoming a top professional in the industry there. I believe I have the necessary qualities and the academic experience to become a very capable and successful student.

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