Teaching Personal Statement

Example Teaching Personal Statement

Having enjoyed the study of mathematics throughout my own life, and having pursued subjects at undergraduate level which highlight both its theoretical elegance and practical application, I believe I have shown the ability and continued enthusiasm to impart this passion for the discipline to others. Having also gained some experience of the hugely rewarding nature of teaching, through tutoring roles, I have become equally passionate about gaining the skills and knowledge to become an excellent educator as well as a naturally strong mathematician.

I have shown myself to be a dedicated and capable student throughout my academic career thus far gaining strong grades in all subjects, including Maths and English. Specialising in subjects with a heavy focus on mathematical content at A-Level, including Pure and Applied Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, I was able to achieve even better results, graduating from school with A and B grades and laying a strong foundation for the study of Aerospace Systems Engineering. Throughout my degree, I relished the chance to study more complex mathematics and to see its potential application. Studying modules such as Engineering Mathematics (96%), Mathematics for Mechanical Engineering (97%), Aerodynamics (70%), Aero Propulsion (93%) and Control Systems Engineering (93%), played to my strengths by including a large amount of mathematical content and allowed me, ultimately, to graduate with First Class Honours.

I have also demonstrated a commitment to education throughout my life, beginning with tutoring work in Applied and Pure Mathematics and Physics at school. I found that finding ways to communicate complex ideas to struggling pupils was not only extremely satisfying but also helped me to view my own subject from new and exciting angles. It is this experience that has driven me to pursue teaching as a career, as it allows me to both transmit and sustain my love of mathematics in a socially worthwhile career. I am now looking into ways to utilise these skills and experience in my current community by teaching maths and science to secondary students in a voluntary capacity, thus enhancing my experience prior to undertaking a PGCE.

I am acutely aware that a career in teaching requires more than a command of the subject, however, as it involves the shaping of young lives as well as minds. I believe that I have shown the communication and teamwork skills that will allow me create good relationships with both pupils and colleagues. Having supported myself financially through customer service roles with Sainsbury’s, Lidl and KFC, I have grown adept at communicating with people from all walks of life, through interaction with customers, as well as managing and being managed by a range of staff.

As a keen sportsman, regularly swimming and playing cricket, I have also learnt much about teamwork through my extra-curricular activities. My passion for travelling, and my own experience of relocating to the UK, also mean that I have a positive attitude to new experiences that may broaden my horizons and will be able to relate to pupils who have similarly multi-cultural experiences.

I have shown myself to be a dedicated and hardworking student with a commitment to mathematics as a broad and exciting discipline. My experiences of tutoring have also shown that I am able to communicate this enthusiasm and dedication to others and I would relish the opportunity to gain the skills, knowledge and experience needed to build a long and rewarding career which encompasses this.

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