Teaching Personal Statement

Sample Teaching Personal Statement

My decision to become a teacher has developed partly out of my enthusiasm for chemistry as an academic discipline, but also out of a growing appreciation – which has emerged from my experience of both the workplace and university – that I have a natural aptitude for guiding and instructing others. My degree has equipped me to cover many areas of the National Curriculum in science, and in my working life I have quickly been given roles which call for me to advise and train colleagues. I believe that the study of science is essential for pupils, not only because our prosperity as a nation depends on technology and innovation, but because the scientific habit of mind promotes rational and critical thinking, and develops an understanding of the way we draw conclusions from empirical evidence. Although I found observing the primary age group fascinating, it is the 11-18 age group that strongly interests me because of their readiness to approach learning responsibly and to question and discuss complex ideas. I would like to be able to inspire my pupils with a love of my subject, and to develop their maturity of thought and understanding of the wider world and the ‘big issues’ of science.

My degree consisted principally of chemistry, covering organic and polymer chemistry and chemical processes, all central to the requirements of the National Curriculum, and all supported by substantial laboratory work. I also undertook modules in physics and engineering which support the “How Science Works” and “Energy, Forces and Space” components of the N.C. My work in biology and environmental chemistry similarly support the topics concerned with organisms and conservation, a particular interest of mine. I have continued to keep abreast of developments in the field of chemistry through reading scientific texts and journals. I am also a member of the ASE, and have begun researching various texts regarding secondary science education.

I work at present as a supply escort/carer with SEN children. This involves visiting specialist schools and dealing with the often complex needs of the individual child. I often work in challenging situations which call for maturity of approach and great patience and resourcefulness, though I am also very much a team-member, communicating with parents and staff. Witnessing the beneficial effects of education on children with serious learning difficulties is revelatory and inspiring. I am enthused by the importance attributed to inclusive learning in the N.C. and the ‘Every Child Matters’ agenda.

I also worked for some time in retail sales, which taught me the importance of clear and concise communication. I was required to explain concepts to other staff under tight commercial pressure, training a new colleague by allowing her to shadow me and then gradually withdrawing support as she grew more confident. I was awarded T-Mobile’s “Company Role Model” status in recognition of my mentoring ability. Similarly, at university, in recognition of my academic and coaching skills, I was asked to tutor a fellow student who was having difficulties in chemistry. He went on to pass his exams in the subject. I then became a full student mentor, offering a weekly “surgery” to help others with university life.

These roles have taught me techniques of conveying information to others and leading them to understand material which they had found challenging. I have learnt the importance of having an enthusiastic attitude towards topics, and of the need to deconstruct concepts and explain things in clear English, linking them to real-life situations. All of these experiences have taught me the value of teaching and the range of abilities and skills that need to be developed. I have also come to a firm realisation of the huge rewards the profession can offer. I am an ambitious, mature and reliable individual, with a clear vision of the ways I would like to use my talents. I hope you will consider my application.

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