Surveying Personal Statement

Sample Surveying Personal Statement

Construction has fascinated me since I can remember. I was always interested in learning how buildings were made, from the design stage to construction. Following my interest, I studied the industry intensively at college. Learning about the industry, the role of Quantity Surveyor jumped out at me and I became convinced that this position would best fit my unique combination of skills and interests. I wish to study Quantity Surveying at degree level to fulfil my ambition.

To prepare myself for the degree, I am currently studying for an HND in Quantity Surveying at college. I am particularly interested in the legal aspect of the course. I have learned how construction-related disputes are increasingly settled in the courts and I look forward to studying Law as part of the degree so that I may avoid legal pitfalls when I begin my career. Earlier, I studied for a BTEC in Construction and Built Environment, for which I was awarded a triple Merit. The course taught me about all aspects of the construction industry so I feel I have a broad, in-depth knowledge of most areas of construction. I also took a BTEC in business at GCSE for which I was awarded a Merit grade. My head for business should stand me in good stead when I come to calculate building costs in the degree and in my career.

Along with my HND, I am currently working part-time as a trainee Quantity Surveyor at Jackson Rowe Associates. From the very beginning, I have been entrusted with great responsibility, putting together documents to send to clients, piecing together contracts, pricing work, writing up tender reviews and negotiating with clients. The day-to-day experience of my chosen profession has only strengthened my ambition and I have learned many of the requisite practical skills of a good quantity surveyor, such as how to write professional documents and correspondence and how to deal with clients in a calm and professional manner. Juggling my studies with my work has also called for great time-management, which should prepare me well for university study. My hard work and talent have not gone unnoticed: the company would like me to return and pursue my career there when I finish my studies.

For almost three years, I gained significant experience of dealing with customers when I worked as a customer services representative at a major retailer. I was responsible for handling customer complaints and queries and the experience taught me how to deal professionally with people and meet demanding targets, essential skills for a Quantity Surveyor in the highly-pressurised construction industry.

Outside of the workplace and the classroom, I keep abreast of developments in the industry, including major new projects that might interest me, by reading monthly construction magazines on a regular basis. I pay particularly close attention to the economic performance of the industry, which tends to be more dramatically affected by changes in the overall economy than other areas.

It is important for a Quantity Surveyor to have a taste for leadership. I developed such a taste in my final years of school when I was entrusted with great responsibility as a school prefect. I had to look after the younger children during breaks and ensure that no school property was vandalised. The work required a cool head and maturity, personal qualities which should be of use to me when I shall work on high-pressured projects later.

In my spare time, I love to keep fit through swimming and cycling. I should like to try out for the swimming and cycling teams at university. I want to take advantage of every opportunity I shall have at university, as I shall be one of the first members of my family to gain a degree.

I always say, ‘You get out of life what you put in’: I am determined to become a chartered surveyor and make my way up the ladder within the company I work for, so I will do everything necessary to achieve my goal both inside and outside the lecture hall at university.

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