Strategic Marketing Postgraduate Personal Statement

Sample Strategic Marketing Postgraduate Personal Statement

Having pursued the study of Global Business Management, I have found that my core interests lie in the field of Marketing. The MSc in Strategic Marketing offered at Imperial College Business School, I believe, offers the most comprehensive and cutting edge introduction to the deeper field. Having investigated a number of courses in preparation for applying, it is the focus on new developments, such as digital and social media, combined with an in-depth focus on the analytical aspects of marketing as it applies to real case studies that make this the right course for me.

My degree in Global Business Management gave me an excellent overview of the broader field of business administration. Specific courses throughout this degree also introduced me to the fundamentals of marketing and allowed me to undertake project work within the field. The course’s global focus, coupled with my own experiences of living, working and studying in multiple countries, also offered an international perspective on business that will allow me to adopt an international approach to marketing throughout postgraduate study. Studying in the UK presents specific challenges for those us for whom English is not our first language. My track record at Regent’s College and my previous experience at Ashbourne College also demonstrate that I have obtained the necessary language and study skills to overcome these.

In addition to studying within the UK, I have also worked within a voluntary role with Age Concern, which has helped me to hone my administrative skills within an employment context. Building on skills I gained through a previous administrative role at Verso M, a Russian construction company, these two positions not only offered a chance to implement some of my theoretical knowledge of business processes in a practical context but also honed transferable skills in time management, teamwork and communication that will all prove useful throughout postgraduate study.

I have always shown a similar flair for both teamwork and leadership throughout my previous study and have made sure to become involved with extra-curricular projects whenever possible. As the International School of Tomorrow (ISOT), I was Vice President of the Student Council and Coordinator of the Press Association, while during my time at Regent’s College I was President of the Event Organising Committee. I am greatly excited by the MSc course’s proposed emphasis on group work and believe that these extra-curricular and employment experiences will allow me to make the most of working with fellow students to undertake the kind of debates that would take place in real life scenarios. Learning to work with others and share skills and opinions is essential to providing effective marketing solutions and I look forward to building on my previous skills in this area prior to entering the profession.

As you may imagine of someone with such a long-standing academic interest in marketing and business, I also use my spare time to keep abreast of developments within the field. I subscribe to Harvard Business Review and The Economist and have always taken every opportunity to develop skills within business outside of the curriculum, such as attending a training weekend at Barmley Lakes Learning and Development Centre.

Having gained an awareness of the key position that Marketing plays in the performance of any business, I believe that I fit the profile of the ideal applicant for this course. I am ambitious, motivated and eager to learn, with an academic and employment background in business administration and an entrepreneurial spirit. The intellectually challenging environment of Imperial College, coupled with strong links with industry, would seem to provide the ideal springboard to translate my aptitudes and interests into a successful career in the field.

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