Sports Studies Personal Statement

Sample Sports Studies Personal Statement

The Olympic motto translated from Latin is “Faster, Higher, Stronger”; the games are about pushing oneself to excel, and I try to live by a similar motto. I have always enjoyed keeping fit, and have found that involving others in sports is particularly rewarding. I have very much enjoyed my BTEC in Sport, and my dedication to the course has gained me straight Merit predictions. The wider workings of the field including management, law and finances are important aspects which I would like to study to benefit my future endeavours, with a view to ideally start my own gym in the future. As the 2012 Olympics approach, the prospects to help develop and manage the growing leisure and sports sectors are varied and exciting, and I believe it is the perfect time for me to get involved.

The Olympic Creed states that the most important objective of the Games is not winning but taking part. The role of sport in peoples’ lives is to encourage community and cohesion, as well as enjoyment, and I believe the solution to social tensions often lies in the team spirit which is fostered by playing sport together. In the past year I have been instrumental in local initiatives to involve others in football; I have coached the local Under-10s football team, and assisted in setting up 5-a-side football league season in 2010-2011, the success of which has facilitated a second season for 2011-2012. I have been dedicated to playing league football since 2002, and achieving the Captaincy in the course of my three years. I was very proud to be signed to Brentford FC from 2009-2010 alongside completing a training course with Red Star Belgrade, and although I was forced to take a break due to injury, I believe that being captain of a football team taught me communication and teamwork skills that are at the heart of competitive sports; each member must be loyal, dedicated, and an effective communicator on and off the pitch to ensure success.

I am currently enjoying practising Mixed Martial Arts, and recently came third in the Olympic Wrestling British Junior Championships, alongside my several Brazilian Jiu Jitsu medals (1st, 2nd, 3rd) in regional tournaments. I have twice been invited to train in Kyokushin Karate with the Bulgarian National team. This summer, I began working towards personal trainer qualifications at a London gym after doing work experience alongside one of their trainers. I very much enjoy the daily opportunities to meet and work with new people offered by this work. Personal training is about helping others to achieve their potential, and demands that you do the same for yourself in the process.

I love travel and discovering new places and people; this passion has taken me across Europe, the USA and Russia, and my fluency in Serbian has broadened my communication skills and introduced me to Serbian literature. I also subscribe to several sports and fitness magazines including Men’s Health and read the sports papers daily, as well as autobiographies of sports personalities such as Steven Gerrard and Roy Keane, whose experiences give fascinating insight into the profession. I enjoy all sports, and commit myself to each activity I try. I have competed in many tennis tournaments, my wins resulting in a rapid upward movement in my LTA rating, and have taken up golf in my spare time- the pace of which is slower and more relaxed, but therefore ideal for downtime.

Studying the different aspects of sport and leisure management at college has inspired me to continue at university level, as the practical opportunities and different aspects of the field would be ideally suited to my interests and goals. My endeavours in team sport and personal training so far have convinced me that this would be an extremely rewarding career path, and I am committed to fighting for my goals in the same way that I fight for success in sport.

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