Sports Science Personal Statement

Sample Sports Science Personal Statement

Sport has been my life for the past few years. Working in some of the world’s top sporting resorts, I discovered a talent and passion for coaching, which helped to convince me that I wish to become a sports coach, working with top athletes to improve their psychology and nutrition. I already have substantial practical experience of working in a sporting environment but I recognised early on that I need a degree in Sports Science to gain the requisite in-depth scientific knowledge to fulfil my ambition.

To prepare myself for the degree, I am currently studying for distance-learning qualifications in Mathematics, Business, Sports Psychology and Nutrition at Stonebridge College while I continue to work much of the time in Spain. I am predicted good grades for all subjects and I am getting a good grounding in Sports Science from the Psychology and Nutrition courses, which I really look forward to pursuing further on the degree. Mathematics was not my favourite subject at school but I know how essential it is for science and so I have persevered and am now making excellent progress. My very busy working schedule means I have to manage my time intelligently and devise good study plans and techniques. These skills should be very useful when I come to study on the degree.

Earlier, I took a BTEC Level 3 in Sports Performance and Excellence for which I received a number of Merit grades. The knowledge and skills I developed on the course have helped me immeasurably to progress in my work so that I may assist in sports coaching at a high level. It was after the BTEC that I made the difficult to decision to move to Spain, where I could pursue my interest in sport at La Cala Gold Resort Spain, one of the most prestigious golf resorts in Europe. I managed the buggy fleet and marshalled the courses, sometimes having to deal with up to five hundred golfers. I learned quickly to speak Spanish and manage my time and work confidently and competently in a high-speed, high-pressure work environment. My ability to adapt quickly and work under pressure should stand me in good stead for moving into higher education.

My work was widely recognised and consequently I was offered a prestigious position on the academy staff at David Leadbetter’s Golf Academy, one of the most highly-regarded sports training academies in the world. Initially, I worked managing bookings and equipment sales but already I have progressed to assisting with golf lessons for young people and adults, an experience which has only confirmed me in my ambition to become a sports coach. After only a short time, I have been entrusted with great responsibility, including frequently having to manage the closing of the academy and the preparation for the next day’s lessons.

Before I left for Spain, I had already spent two years working at a leading golf course in Winchester, where I handled professional equipment sales, which taught me how to deal confidently with people and work well within a team environment. Outside of work, I play sports regularly. I have competed in many golf and tennis tournaments and I was an integral member of my college’s basketball team. I hope to join the golf and tennis clubs at university and help manage them. I am also a keen skier and I would like to organise skiing trips with fellow students when I begin my studies.

In my spare time, I also love to read about sports psychology to help prepare me for my studies. I particularly enjoyed The Inner Game of Golf by Tim Gallwey, which stresses the importance of psychological techniques that improve your concentration, will power and confidence for performance enhancement.

When I graduate I wish to work for one of the leading sports academies or teams in tennis, football or golf, where I wish to work with top athletes, so I hope to make many important contacts at university with people I could work with in future to help coach top sportsmen. The degree in Sports Science is the best way to bring me closer to my dream.

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