Sociology Personal Statement

Sample Sociology Personal Statement

I have always had a talent for finding out the truth and detecting when people are lying. In my reading, I have discovered Sociology and learning about psychologists within the prison service, I became convinced that I could put my talents to best use as a Forensic Psychologist within the criminal justice system. I wish to study Sociology, with the aim of continuing my studies at Masters-level so that I may fulfil my ambition and become a prison service psychologist.

To prepare myself for my chosen career, I began studying Criminology and Sociology at London South Bank University. Owing to several personal misfortunes, I did not perform at my best in the first year and no longer feel I can continue my studies there. However, the courses which I took, I did very much enjoy, especially Criminal Justice and the Crime Problem, which expanded on private reading I had done on punishment and the perception of crime among the public. I look forward to renewing my acquaintance with the subject on the course.

Before university, I took A-Levels in History, German, Film and Sociology. I excelled in languages at school and received the highest grade for German A-Level and for English GCSE. My linguistic talent will be of use when I shall discuss psychological issues with prisoners. Sociology was my favourite subject, however, being closest to Criminology. It taught me about societal attitudes to criminals and methods of punishment, knowledge which should be of great use to me in the degree.

I have worked a number of jobs throughout my study. Most recently, I have been working as a waitress at very popular restaurant venues, where I have learned to be an excellent team player and learned how to keep a level head in a high-pressure atmosphere. During my time at London South Bank, I have juggled three jobs with my study. For nearly two years, I worked as a customer services representative at the O2 centre, where my interpersonal skills were highly valued. I also made use of my German language skills as a German Market Researcher for MPeurope, in which role I interviewed numerous consumers each day by telephone to meet demanding research targets. The experience taught me how to convey complex information in a clear and confident manner, which should stand me in good stead when I come to give presentations and seminars on the degree.

Juggling three jobs and study has called for exceptional organisational skills and time management. Teachers at school recognised my organisational abilities early on and entrusted me with organising many events at school, such as after-school activities and sports events. I loved to play basketball competitively at school and I should like to join the university’s female team when I begin the course.

Outside of school and the work place, I love to read books on Criminology to improve my knowledge of the field. I consider the Oxford Handbook of Criminology to be my bible and read it religiously: the chapters on prisons convinced me that I wish to work in the prison service. My favourite books on prisons are Doing Time, an Introduction to the Sociology of Imprisonment by Roger Matthews and Discipline and Punish by Michel Foucault, which taught me about changing attitudes toward punishment in Europe over the last three centuries.

I also love to travel with friends to new places and learn about new cultures. I am the product of three cultures myself and I know how enriching it is to be part of a multi-cultural environment. On the course, I hope to befriend people of many different backgrounds and organise trips abroad with them.

I feel duty bound to take advantage of every opportunity university life will offer me, since I am the first member of my family to go to university and have chances that were not available to my parents. I have suffered some setbacks in my drive to fulfil my ambition but now I feel ready and prepared to complete my studies and start my career as a psychologist within the prison service.

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