Social Work personal statement

Sample Social Work Personal Statement

Having studied and worked in the healthcare profession for a number of years, I have regularly come into contact with some of the most vulnerable members of society. While I have gained satisfaction from the short term impact doctors, nurses and healthcare assistants can have on their difficult lives I have always looked for more effective and permanent ways in which their situations can be improved. Having seen the fascinating and valuable work that Social Workers do after the patients have left our care, and spoken to them about what their job actually involves, I have grown more and more convinced that it offers the perfect match for my skills and ambitions.

Having pursued my original goal of studying Nursing for a number of years, I have proven my ability to gain excellent grades in both practical and theoretical study of a care-based industry. Alongside the technical knowledge that I gained through studying a Foundation GNVQ in Health and Social Care, a Modular Access Programme to Nursing and Health Studies, followed by 3 years study towards a degree in Adult Nursing, I also learnt a great deal about communicating with people in vulnerable positions and the systems and agencies that they could turn to for assistance. Deciding that nursing was not the ideal fit for me, coupled with other personal pressures, I unfortunately did not complete this final course. I have not given up on my goal of helping others though and have gained extensive work experience while reconsidering my options. Having thoroughly explored the exciting possibilities of Social Work, I am more than ready to return to my studies and fulfil my initial promise in a subject that inspires and fascinates me.

As a Healthcare Assistant, in several different hospitals and for an agency, I have gained experience of the systemic nature of health and social care, which has supplemented my theoretical knowledge of the field gained through study. Learning to communicate across departments in a highly interdisciplinary environment will stand me in good stead for the inter-agency discussions that are an aspect of Social Work. I have also worked closely with a number of vulnerable groups; including children, the elderly and those with mental health problems, gaining knowledge of the daily challenges that they face and the things that can be done to alleviate their difficulties. My employment experience has ensured that I am a confident and capable communicator, with a grasp of Luganda, English and basic Swahili; interpersonal and language skills that could prove very useful as a Social Worker.

Outside of work and study, I am a mother to three children and enjoy spending time with them. I am passionate about providing a strong role model and instilling the values that will also make them caring and non-judgemental individuals. I have found that motherhood has made me more instinctively caring and protective, increasing my desire to try and play a proactive role in solving certain societal problems in order to build a better world for my children to grow up in. With so many pressures on my time and thoughts, in the shape of pursuing my goals and caring for my family, I also find it important to regularly relax and enjoy cooking, singing or playing and listening to music whenever possible.

As a determined, dedicated individual, I have pursued knowledge and experience within caring roles for a number of years. Now looking to make a larger impact on society, I am passionate about turning this skill and experience to the study of Social Work, delivering on the promise that I have shown throughout my academic and employment careers within a field which proves the perfect fit from my interests, aptitudes and ambitions.

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