Social Work Personal Statement

Sample Social Work Personal Statement

Throughout my life, both my work and study have been based upon the core principle of gaining skills to help others who are in need of advice or assistance. I can imagine no more rewarding career than one that allows me to both challenge myself intellectually and to experience the emotional rewards of making a real difference in the lives of the vulnerable. As an existing graduate with a background in a wide range of sociological and legal practices and work experience in social projects, I am excited by the prospect of honing these skills and this knowledge at a prestigious UK university and taking the next step on the path to this ultimate career.

I have always been interested in learning as much as possible about the way in which human societies function and the ways in which policy and law shape society. As such, I have worked hard to gain strong grades in a range of related subjects; from GCSE and HSSC (A-level equivalent) level, where I focused on Sociology, Civics and other humanities, to undergraduate level, where I undertook a Bachelor of Arts degree which encompassed Sociology, Political Science and languages. While these experiences have laid a broad foundation for further study, I am now determined to focus my attention on applying the knowledge I have learnt to detailed study of a single area, ultimately giving me the skills necessary to pursue my chosen career.

Studying in the UK is an exciting opportunity, but it also presents its own challenges. To make sure that I have the necessary language skills to undertake undergraduate level study I have previously undertaken ESOL level 1 and 2 courses at Salford College. This has not only improved my command of, and confidence in using, the language, but has also offered experience of the British educational system which will help me to transition smoothly into a higher level of study here.

While the areas in which I have chosen to study reflect my interests, my main motivation for pursuing further study in the field is due to the rewarding experience I have had in the workplace. I have been a Centre Assistant at Salford Women’s Centre since March 2011 and have thoroughly enjoyed supporting and communicating with women who are experiencing difficulties in their lives. As a fluent speaker of English, Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi, I have complimented my language skills through learning to communicate with women from all walks of life, both as colleagues and as clients. While the ‘hands on’ nature of this job has allowed me to experience the emotional rewards of working with these women individually, it has also inspired me to learn more about the social policies and systems that could be changed to alleviate their suffering on a larger scale. Undertaking work at a legal firm in Pakistan also demonstrated the value of paying attention to the structural inequalities, as well as individual problems; inspiring me to pursue a career that ultimately allows me to play a part in changing these for the better. Work experience within the hospitality industry has also allowed me to hone these communication skills in a customer-centred role, ensuring that I am able to communicate and negotiate with customers and work as part of an effective team, each with their own responsibilities.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading and researching around my subject and have spent a lot of time on the internet and contacting tutors to ensure that I am pursuing the right courses. This research, coupled with my own experience, has shown me that careers at a higher level within social work or law are demanding and extremely hard work. I am both convinced that I have the determination, ability and time management skills to succeed and that the rewards of making a real impact on the lives of others will more than outweigh the challenges I will inevitably face as I progress.

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