Social Sciences Personal Statement

Sample Social Sciences Personal Statement

I am applying for a place to study social work because I have experienced first hand the problems facing many children in an inner city school and I have seen, that by working together with other agencies and families, a real and lasting difference can be made to people’s lives and communities.

I have myself faced the challenges of being a single mother at 17 years; I am experiencing what it is like to support my granddad who has terminal cancer and lives alone aged 85 years.. I am working directly with a young boy aged 7 years whose mother has just been imprisoned for sexually abusing him; his behaviour, social interactions, confidence, protection are all issues currently being dealt with . This is not an uncommon case in the school I work in; I am actively involved with many at risk children, their social workers, learning mentor and parents/carers.

I want to learn and understand the whole context of social work, how law fits with policy and how psychology helps to plan the needs of individuals. I want to continue to develop professionally and personally through learning and experience.

I currently work as a learning support assistant in an inner city school where I have shown a particular aptitude with children with learning difficulties and children at risk. I have shown initiative and commitment, attended all training and learning opportunities offered and incorporated this into my daily work. Understanding the difficulties they face has helped me to provide specific learning environments, resources and encouragement they need. I have watched their self-confidence and self-esteem grow as they develop a better understanding of the achievements within their work and social interactions. I work alongside SENCOs, social workers and trainee social workers; I have been greatly and specifically encouraged to train as a social worker. Working in this environment constantly presents new challenges and highlights the needs for highly skilled, professionals from different agencies to work together and I am determined and sure that I can contribute as a social worker.

Alongside work, I have completed a NVQ3 in Childcare and Learning Development. I really enjoyed this course and the topics we covered; child protection, appropriate codes of conduct; working with learning disabilities, communication with adults and children, protecting/promoting children’s rights and developing relationships. These subjects are all relative to social work training and I am keen learn more. My NVQ3 also taught me how to monitor, assess and reflect on my own practice as well the children I work with. I have continued to train in Working with Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD and Speech and Language Training.

I voluntarily teach dance as an extra-curricular activity and believe that this contributes to pupils’ well-being, enhances self-esteem and confidence. This has extra relevance to children failing academically and can help children extend themselves in other areas of learning and communication.

I am mother to two boys aged 12 years and 18 months; I am proud to say that I am a positive role model through work, study and support. I enjoy music, dance, nutrition and healthy lifestyle; health and fitness are directly related to well-being. I believe life is a constant learning opportunity and I have had my share of challenges and difficulties which have helped me grow and develop as a person.

My goal is to become a social worker; I want to contribute to a profession that empowers people who are unable to help themselves, that makes a difference in society. I realise this profession is not without its challenges and difficulties and I am prepared to work hard and face these obstacles

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