Social Sciences Personal Statement

Sample Social Sciences Personal Statement

I have always had a keen interest in the way society works and impacts upon those within it. Being half-Japanese, I am familiar with the social issues unique to not one but two different cultures- England and Japan- and having lived and studied abroad, I feel I have a unique experience of what it means to be an individual within different societies. It is this experience which has inspired me to study Sociology in the UK, having completed international GCSEs and A-Levels including Psychology and Sociology.

The course at Leeds Metropolitan encompasses some of the key sociological concepts that intrigue me the most, such as class, race, and ethnicity. I am particularly interested in the chance to study contemporary social change as a result of change in other areas such as technology. This change demonstrates the susceptibility of groups of people to events around them, and encompasses the greatest challenge within this subject: how far are our most deeply held beliefs dictated by the world we live and work in? Japan, for example, is held to be one of the most populous countries in the world in terms of its urban areas, and also one of the most technologically advanced: the society in a city like Tokyo is undoubtedly influenced by this extreme environment, and it has been blamed for many of the problems experienced, such as a high suicide rate due to environmental pressures. The UK also has one of the fastest growing populations in the world and immigration issues continue to divide opinion, due to their social impact. The rate of and reasons behind these changes fascinate me and I can use my awareness of contrasting cultures to draw even wider conclusions.

A sociological concept that I would like to study in more depth is class: how it affects many different aspects of social life, and how each class differs. The idea of ‘class’ in modern society is particularly intriguing to me, as economic and political factors have made the boundaries of class less defined. Social divisions as a result of race and ethnicity, gender, age and even geography, exist in UK society, and the sociological effects of these divisions require a broad understanding to draw conclusions about how to move forward. It is my ambition to work in social care after graduating, in order to make a difference to the lives of others, and an understanding of how social issues have impacted upon disadvantaged people is, in my view, key to helping shape positive change in future.

I am very committed to my studies, having retaken my AS Levels this year due to illness during my first set of exams, and am now keen to enter further education and fulfil my ambitions. I enjoy mathematical problems, having achieved a Gold in the 2007 Maths Challenge and a silver in 2005-2006; the logic and focus required is something that I have applied to my studies of difficult concepts in my A-Levels, such as Economics, which like Sociology calls for a broad and yet detailed understanding of cause and effect. I also enjoy sports such as volleyball and badminton, and have played in the school badminton team. This developed my teamwork skills and I enjoy the opportunity to relieve stress in a competitive, challenging environment. In 2010 I completed a work experience placement at Prime Commercial Properties PLC, a property and investment management company, and took on several responsibilities in the office, requiring good time management skills and the ability to grasp new ideas quickly.

I am enthused by the learning the opportunities offered by this course, and firmly believe in the importance of Sociology as an academic discipline that can have tangible results for society. Understanding why we behave as we do, and why others may take alternative perspectives, is crucial to progress and peace, and in our changing international and national climate this has never been more important.

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