Social Sciences Personal Statement

Sample Social Sciences Personal Statement

There are so many different cultures existing simultaneously in our society, some in harmony and some in dissonance. Each culture tends to have its own traditions and own beliefs which link to others in various differing ways. I have always been inquisitive about different cultures and I have found it interesting that our backgrounds and origins can have such a large impact on the world. The study of anthropology will allow me to examine cultural differences and the impact they have on human behaviour in great detail. Although the entire field of anthropology interests me I am particularly passionate about social anthropology. I have studied History for many years and Sociology in recent years, both of which have given me an introduction to this area of the field. I would relish the opportunity to study this area in more detail at a higher academic level, contributing as well as learning.

My academic record has been outstanding to date. I received A’s in English Language, Literature, French and a B in Spanish, showing my aptitude for languages. I also attained Bs in Science, History, Drama and Religious Studies, and an A in ICT. All of my best and most loved subjects have been based in humanities and the study of human accomplishments. I am currently sitting A levels in English Language and Literature, Early Modern History and Citizenship and I am confident that I will receive respectable grades in all of these subjects. I am also taking an AS level in Sociology, inspired by my new-found passion for anthropology.

My extra-curricular activities have always been very humanitarian. Through my school I volunteered for four years at the Riding for the Disabled Association, where I helped in classes teaching disabled adults and children to ride horses. I found this a most rewarding challenge, and an eye opener to the obstacles of people who were much less fortunate than me. In my final year of school I volunteered at a local care home. Within my school I was a boarding house prefect from year 10 onwards, and in year 11 my teachers elected me to become Head of House. This gave me a great level of responsibility overseeing the younger students, and I also had the opportunity to help younger pupils and feel like a valuable part of the school community. I hope I will have a similar experience at University, and I will take advantage of the opportunity to engage in charity and fundraising work.

My work experience has often involved customer service and helping others, which is a key component of my desire to study anthropology. I want to be able to help people by understanding them to the highest degree possible. While working in a vetinary surgery I had a lot of interaction with worried animal owners, and my job in a retail store has allowed me to communicate with customers of all ages from all backgrounds. Both experiences improved my confidence and my communication skills immensely. In my leisure time I often choose to expand on my knowledge through literature and other means of social learning. I regularly visit museums and I am also an avid reader;much of my interest in anthropology has been inspired and fuelled by books such as Animal Farm and 1984 by George Orwell, and The Interpretation of Cultures by Clifford Geertz.

My aspiration to gain expert knowledge in this subject provides me with motivation and a driving force to achieve to the best of my ability. I am hardworking and eager to improve my own personal knowledge and abilities through any means necessary, and the study of anthropology will furnish me with all of the skills and information to succeed in my desired vocation. My ultimate ambition is to undertake anthropological field work abroad in countries such as South Africa. I have always wanted to travel the world and experience the rich variation of different cultures, because I believe that first-hand familiarity is the best and most fulfilling way of qualifying knowledge and expertise in any subject. and I can think of no better way to make this dream come true than in the context of a professional anthropologist.

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