Social Sciences Personal Statement

Sample Social Sciences Personal Statement

I have always had a fascination with people and the social setting within which they live their lives. It is the hardships that people with learning disabilities face and the support that is often needed to overcome these difficulties that I find particularly interesting. It is this interest, together with a deep desire to support people in a professional capacity that underpins my commitment to study towards a degree in learning disability nursing. My choice of options on the Access Course is a reflection of this, as the knowledge I have gained has real life applications and therefore is of obvious relevance to the field. The subjects I am studying are Psychology, Sociology, Research Methodology, Human Physiology, careers in Health and Social Care, ICT and Communications.

Whilst being out of education I have worked in both a voluntary and paid capacity, supporting vulnerable adults to live as actively as possible. My interest in the health and social care field was fuelled after the tragic loss of my mother and subsequently taking on the responsibility of caring for my brother, who has an Autistic Spectrum Disorder. This experience has taught me confidence and given me a better understanding of the complex nature of the problems experienced by people with learning difficulties and their individual needs.

I have also volunteered for a women only organisation, where I participated in the ‘Mental health and Wellbeing’ and ‘Asylum and Refugee’ projects. My role was to deliver consistently high levels of support to senior caseworkers, provide one to one case and group work, and interpret for service users, supporting them in developing a sense of belonging and improved confidence. I also successfully participated in an eco friendly art project which united women of diverse cultures and eliminated cultural misunderstanding, connecting women regardless of language differences and creating friendships. The completed piece of art was produced by stitching hundreds of silk tea bags together and embellishing them through embroidery and was designed to bring about change through dynamic art work. The communication, teamwork and organisational skills I learnt throughout these voluntary roles will stand me in good stead for the studying and working within the field in future.

Whilst studying at Leeds City College, I am also working as Student Enabler with students aged between 16-24 with learning difficulties, with or without visual impairments. During term time, I provide support with managing their daily tasks both at home and at college. I also support and assist the students in the learning and development of skills that will be beneficial to them in their adult life, including household skills such as cooking, cleaning, and shopping and mobility related skills. The experience I have gained from this has made me more diligent and highly motivated, honing excellent time management skills together with the ability to work under pressure, prioritise workloads and meet deadlines. These, I believe are essential skills in a demanding job such as learning disability nursing.

Outside of academia, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, outdoor activities, music and reading books, especially those based on social issues and similar

I believe I have demonstrated the stamina, determination and commitment to rise to the challenge of working within learning disability nursing. My experience within the field, coupled with the extensive academic knowledge I will gain through further study can only strengthen these qualities, allowing me to work to same high standard throughout undergraduate study and beyond.

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