Social Care Personal Statement

Sample Social Care Personal Statement

Having been employed by Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation from 1995, I now have over 15 years experience of working in healthcare. This profession is very much a vocation for me. It is not merely a job. The challenges, satisfaction and rewards of working give me a tremendous sense of purpose and pride and I always seek to complete any task to the highest standard. I undertook a secondment from May 1997 – November 1997 in the Community Midwives Office which gave me an understanding of the specific qualities required in this unit and it is a role in which I now feel confident enough to state that I believe I would be the ideal candidate for.

My current position on a busy Maternity ward ensures I am extremely well-versed in issues of confidentiality, sensitivity and security that are second-nature in a hospital environment. I am also particularly focused on improving the quality and environment efficiency of the department; maintaining and yet also looking at improvements for infection control. I hold a personal philosophy that one must lead from example and so I always strive to create a harmonious atmosphere in, what can be a very busy and sometimes stressful environment. I have found that the greatest form of communication is sometimes without words; a warm smile and gesture can often diffuse the most volatile of situations. I am particularly focused on supporting my colleagues, helping them to manage workloads and, in turn, creating a more efficient and happy environment.

I am currently booked to attend a Level 1 Effective Staff Management Course this coming September and I am always willing to attend any courses or training as per requirements. I also hold a position as Union Representative which involves giving support and advice to colleagues who attend disciplinary hearings. Similarly, I am always willing and pleased to support the department in any ad hoc tasks or requests. I believe I have a very effective work methodology which allows me to think logically and quickly about prioritising. Often, patients are re-admitted and notes must be retrieved as a matter of urgency. My current role has given me vast experience of thinking ‘on my feet’ and understanding situations that require more immediate attention.

I have a thorough understanding of hospital patient database systems having used PIMS, EPSB, E MIRALE, STARS and most recently E ROSTERING when I supported my line manager allocating rotas to colleagues both manually and electronically. I am fully I.T Literate and enjoy working autonomously as well as with in a team. I work well under pressure and excel when having to meet strict deadlines as I have a great deal of self-discipline and also a collaborative work ethic. I think one of my proudest achievements professionally has been my responsibility for the collation of statistics and reports for the Hepatitis B steering group quarterly. This audit proved to be exceptionally informative and my design was used as a template for future data monitoring.

Outside of work, keeping fit both physically and mentally is important to me and I enjoy visiting the gym frequently and reading. I particularly enjoy keeping abreast of current affairs and non-fiction and have a specialised interest in African History.

As a final summary of the reasons as to why I would be the ideal candidate for this position, I would like to indicate why I have a specific interest working within an environment dedicated to the care of women and children. Currently I sit as a director on the board for the charity ‘Family Friends’ and also volunteer. Through respect, encouragement and support, we aim to ‘help families to help themselves’ by discovering their strengths and building on their coping skills. This is a charity I am passionate about and in 2003 I ran the London Marathon and raised £500.00 for the charity. I have an inherent interest and passion in supporting the physical and mental well-being of families as it is my belief that a strong family and friend network is one of the most important and yet often neglected needs of every individual in society. The role gives me an immense sense of personal satisfaction and because I have been working with specifically conflicted individuals and situations, I am now very confident in my ability to interact with all kinds of people; no matter how discordant the situation may be.

I hope I have expressed my immense interest in this challenging and rewarding position and I look forward to meeting you in person and further discussing some of my attributes and how they would benefit the role.

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