Science Personal Statement

Sample Science Personal Statement

The study of Chemistry offers the opportunity to understand the fundamental building blocks from which our world is created. Having demonstrated an aptitude throughout my academic career thus far for the study of Chemistry and the related field of Maths, I believe that it is my fascination with Chemistry’s potential to unravel the composition of everything around us that has driven me to perform to the best of my abilities in these subjects and will continue to motivate me through undergraduate study and beyond.

As a diligent and hardworking student I have performed well across all subjects during my time at school. Achieving grades of over 90%, I have proven that I have the ability and drive to succeed in further academic study. Studying Chemistry at AS-level has offered an excellent grounding in the fundamentals of the discipline while my continued focus on Mathematics, studying Physics, Maths and Statistics, has equipped me with the advanced skills in this area that will be necessary to grasp the more complex aspects of the field at undergraduate level.

Despite my strong academic performance, I am aware that studying in the UK will present various challenges. In order to successfully anticipate these I have worked hard to gain an idea of what studying Chemistry at undergraduate level will entail. Having made contact with teaching staff at various institutions I have undertaken significant reading of the core texts for each course so that I am well prepared prior to beginning undergraduate study. I have also worked hard to gain a fluency in English that will be necessary for studying at a prestigious UK institution, gaining a 7.0 in the International English Language Testing System.

In addition to my strong academic performance within the discipline I have also been lucky enough to gain employment opportunities that have allowed me to apply my theoretical knowledge in a practical context. During winter and summer work placements at the Shandong Institute of Chemical Industry I was tasked with determining the biuret content of compound fertilisers. By taking part in the industrial application of chemical processes I have gained both further knowledge and practical skills alongside an awareness of how the practical application of chemistry can benefit both industry and society.

In my spare time I have also indulged my keen interest in Mathematics, winning second prize in the Jinan City Junior Math Contest between 2004 and 2007 and first prize in the High School competition between 2007 and 2009. My competitive drive also finds expression in my love of Ping Pong. As Vice-Chairmen and a founding member of the school Ping Pong organisation I have also honed my administration skills through arranging and promoting matches and creating a club schedule.

As my previous performance in the field demonstrates, I have the aptitude and drive to make a significant contribution to future research alongside a diligent, patient approach to problem solving that will ensure I approach further study with both accuracy and enthusiasm. My fascination with the discipline, alongside my practical experience and understanding of its application within industry, will continue to motivate me to perform to the same high level in undergraduate study and beyond, whether in a research position within academia or whether applying the theoretical knowledge I have gained for the benefit of my society.

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