Science Personal Statement

Sample Science Personal Statement

The power of scientific advances to treat human suffering lies at the heart of my motivation to study the areas of biomedical sciences and human physiology at university. The most positive side of human nature is revealed by the fact that so many people have worked tirelessly over centuries to put their intelligence and inspiration to use for the goal of preventing the suffering of their fellow man. I have been captivated by human biology ever since secondary school, and I am eager to study it in more depth at university through a course that also contains a strong emphasis on biomedical sciences. I hope that after studying for a degree that has been approved by the Institute of Biomedical Science at university I will be able to begin a career in the health sector once I graduate, so that I too can contribute to the on-going quest to save levels and alleviate pain through developing new medical advances.

Although I really enjoyed studying the sciences whilst at secondary school, I feel that at the time I was unable to fulfil my academic potential due to the less-than-ideal personal circumstances in which I was living. Having arrived in the UK at the age of thirteen with very little knowledge of English after my family had fled our home country, studying at school was inevitably difficult. However, in more recent years, having improved my English, matured and adapted to life in this country, I have been lucky to be able to return to studying science, and have greatly enjoyed the opportunity to do so. Completing a Higher Education Foundation Course in Human Biology has been a pleasure. I particularly enjoyed studying human physiology, as it has helped to satisfy the deep curiosity that I have always had about how the human body works. I also enjoyed the practical, laboratory-based aspects of the course, and I am excited about the prospect of being able to carry out more complex laboratory work at university. At the moment I am studying a course in Health Simulation that has given a new dimension to my interest in biomedical sciences, as it places much more emphasis on the hospitals in which healthcare is delivered. Working with medical equipment used in hospitals and learning about medical procedures has been fascinating, and has given me an appreciation of the difficult challenges that face doctors and nurses every day.

In recent years I have dedicated much of my time to employment to help contribute to my family’s finances. The fact that I would have preferred to be in full-time education but was required by my family’s circumstances to work has given me a much greater motivation to study now that I am in the fortunate position to be able to do so. Nevertheless, the two years that I have spent working for Staples have been worthwhile, and entering the world of work at a young age has taught me many important skills. After starting out as a cashier, I was promoted to the position of Copy and Print Specialist. I enjoyed the responsibilities that I was given in this key-holder role, which included training colleagues, liaising with company management, overseeing sales targets and managing staff, and overall the rewards of promotion that I received as a result of my commitment to the job have helped to instil in me a sense of the value of hard work.

Because my free time in recent years has been relatively limited, I have enjoyed making the most of it to engage in the hobbies and interests that make me happy. To keep fit I like to go running, and I particularly enjoy combining this activity with my love of the outdoors by running through local woodlands during the summer. More recently I have enjoyed taking part in charity runs, and I am looking forward to be more closely involved in these in the future. I am also involved with various local charity volunteering initiatives through Worldwide Volunteering, which I find have helped me to improve my communication skills and also given me a stronger sense of purpose.

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