Science Personal Statement

Sample Science Personal Statement

With a scientific education background, personal qualities and a high personal interest in biological and biomedical sciences, I believe I am a strong candidate to continue studies in this field of study. I have a passion for the study of organisms. By understanding the biological roots and causes of issues within contemporary society, I intend to make a valuable contribution to future research and developments within the field of bioscience.

I am currently completing the first year in Biological Sciences, which has given me a firm grounding in many aspects of biosciences core areas, from biochemical and molecular biology to environmental and behavioural biology. I enjoy these areas of study and am on course to pass all modules.

My fascination with organisms and science started at a young age, which I have developed and nurtured into an ideal career path. I have developed theory, knowledge and laboratory experience in cell biology, genetics, evolution, diversity, form and function of microorganisms, protists, fungi, plants and animals; ecology and behaviour. I understand the subsequent years will develop my knowledge, research skills and lab techniques in biological diversity, genetics, physiology of organ systems, pathology and more.

Alongside my core studies, I read considerable texts on biosciences; Scientific American and The Biologist are journals which I keep regularly updated with. I independently attend science conferences which expose me to other likeminded peers, their findings, views and opinions on the relevant subject matter. I am also an Associate Member of the Society of Biology. I believe this extracurricular knowledge broadens my scientific judgements, providing me with alternative, innovative and intelligent views in the field.

I am a highly motivated individual pursuing advancement in the field of biosciences.

Being part of a drama group reflects my enjoyment of working with others in a team, personal expression and interpersonal skills, such as listening, providing feedback and diplomacy. As a lead Irish Dancer, I was responsible for ensuring group technique was synchronised and perfected. These skills are transferable in an academic environment, where I am involved in group projects, communicating with others and independent research skills.

As a highly personable and caring person interested in the workings of nature, I have also gained qualifications in St John’s Ambulance First Aid, Basic Nursing and Radio Communications. These invaluable skills have enhanced my confidence and ability, especially in work and volunteer environments.

Undertaking work at John Lewis, I was responsible for serving customers. Here I developed my interpersonal and organisational skills with a variety of demanding customers. These skills are useful for working with peers in an environment focused on understanding and progress of science.

I undertook a voluntary position in a deprived area of Pakistan in 2009, where I helped distribute food, clothes and blankets, and provided counselling to those in dire need of comfort and support. During this time, severe flooding took place, where I extended my voluntary services. This experience has given me insight into their needs and how science can improve their lives. Here I learned a great deal about myself and how further education, research and developments can contribute to the world in a more global scale.

I am ready to expand upon my knowledge and experiences with likeminded peers, in the field of biosciences. I look forward to learning from renowned professors, learning in a high-quality laboratory and adding to the academic body of research and developments. I hope to be a part of the world where I can make significant differences to people throughout the world from the bioscience community. This course will provide the platform for greater career opportunities to achieve this ambition. I look forward to hearing from you soon, to discuss my application further.

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