Pharmacy Personal Statement

Sample Pharmacy Personal Statement

Having always been fascinated by the human body, I find the interactions between Biology and Chemistry has led to an even greater understanding of its endlessly inspiring processes. Pharmacy, as a discipline based around this interaction, will not only allow me to explore these intellectual interests further, but also offers the potential for making a positive, practical impact. Witnessing the effects of illness within my own family, exacerbated different standards of healthcare in the UK and Turkey, I am excited by the potential to combine my preferred areas of study with the chance to change lives.

Studying Maths has trained me to think logically and methodically, as well as grounding me in the mathematical aspects of Chemistry, such as working out molar masses or concentration through titration. Biology has taught me how many of the reactions studied in Chemistry have effects on, or occur within, the human body, while Physics has offered an opportunity to learn the core principles of both of these sciences. Linking these disciplines has really inspired my interest in Pharmacy, as I enjoy learning about science’s application within medicine; including antibiotic resistance mutations and the effect of drugs on bacteria, as in the case of osmotic lysis.

In addition to laying a strong theoretical foundation in the field, I have also recognised the need to gain practical experience. Work experience at a Sainsbury’s community Pharmacy allowed me to observe and participate in the interaction with patients that is central to the role. The combination of communication skills and subject knowledge required, as well as good attention to detail, was truly inspiring. A Pharmacist must listen carefully to each individual and decide on the best way to offer advice and treatment. My own experience of interacting with the patients during my time there gave me a hint of the huge emotional and intellectual rewards that successfully undertaking this process could bring. I have also undertaken voluntary work within a hospital context to broaden my knowledge of the healthcare profession. Assisting with offering both practical and emotional support for patients demonstrated the dedication and skill possessed by the staff and made me determined to emulate this in future.

I have also used my spare time to explore the application of science. Completing an Engineering Education System Gold Crest Award offered experience of applying theory to a specific problem, as well as allowing me to gain a range of transferable study skills. Working as part of a team to create a 6 motion electronic platform, communication and teamwork proved as essential as engineering knowledge. Requiring a written report and verbal presentation, this project also honed organisational and administrative skills.

Using the presentation skills gained from this experience, I have also taken every opportunity to transmit my passion for Chemistry to younger pupils. Assisting at a school open day, I led prospective students through a pH measuring experiment, demonstrating the exciting potential of the subject to them. Keen to play an active role in my school community, I am also part of the basketball and rugby teams, making sure I keep in shape for matches and tournaments by regularly attending the gym and running 5 miles a day. I am also a keen pianist, teaching myself to play a range of styles over the last 5 years.

As an enthusiastic and capable student, I have taken every opportunity to combine my intellectual passion for sciences with the chance to communicate this passion to others. Pharmacy, as a field, requires these communication skills, allows me to assist those in need, and relies on me continuing the process of intellectual development throughout my career. It is this unique combination that has driven me throughout previous study and work experience and that will continue to drive through undergraduate study and beyond.

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