Nursing Personal Statement

Sample Nursing Personal Statement

Enthusiastic, caring and motivated are qualities which I believe make me an ideal candidate to study Adult Advance Diploma of Higher Education / Registered Nurse at your university. I have experience, drive, and ambition to succeed on this course to become a fully qualified Registered Nurse.

I have discovered that caring and nursing is a profession which I thoroughly enjoy, I am good at and find extremely rewarding. Working in care environments has given me a good insight into exactly what is required to become a successful nurse. I have developed my knowledge of health care for older patients with mental health issues, with practical experience and professional courses. Strong empathy, commitment and ability to take on multiple challenges are skills which make me believe this Diploma is the next step in my career.

I wish to further my knowledge and experience in nursing at University. I understand the course consists of a foundation year followed by two branch programmes in specialist nursing areas. I am driven to achieve great results and will be able to apply my current knowledge to the practical and theoretical elements of the course.

I enjoy working with people and have gained excellent interpersonal skills while working in a nursing home. Faced with challenging behaviour from patients and intense questions from family members, I have learned to communicate in a friendly and professional manner with empathy and consideration.

In my free time, I enjoy dancing for the physical activity and relaxation it brings. I feel that having an outlet like this is essential for a role in care and nursing. I believe it relieves the tension and stress that a workday may bring.

Being highly motivated and ambitious to become a qualified nurse, I have progressed very well in my role as a carer. I have completed various training courses such as Dementia Awareness, End of Life Training, Emergency First Aid, Protection of Vulnerable Adults and Reiki Therapy. I am currently enrolled on a work based training course to achieve a Level 3 in Health and Social Care. These courses build on various aspects of caring for adults, enhancing my ability to understand and deal with their current state.

I initially worked in a residential care environment for a year. I was responsible for attending homes of people who required daily personal attention and assistance. I gained a great deal of experience in caring for people with diverse health conditions, chronic and acute, making a significant difference to their lives.

With the drive and passion to progress in my career in nursing, I needed to expand my experience. I moved on to working in a nursing home for older people with mental health problems. My main responsibilities are to ensure the highest possible levels of care are maintained by supporting residents with washing, dressing, personal hygiene and all other aspects of daily living. I also ensure that their physical, emotional and spiritual needs are met. My commitment to my role and understanding of medical needs has increased level of various caring duties such as administering medication, key worker responsibilities and care planning.

The challenge of carrying out multiple demanding tasks at once is very rewarding. I have become proficient in juggling numerous priorities, caring, counselling and interpersonal skills to improve the quality of life for patients and their families.

Building relationships with nurses and staff in the care environment, I have been able to learn from their experiences, professionalism and commitment. This has inspired me to understand that embarking on a course such as this will be highly beneficial and rewarding.

I believe your university will provide excellent tuition, facilities and clinical expertise to becoming a Registered Nurse. This course will prepare me for registration as a nurse, taking on responsibilities and accountability involved, with a particular interest in the mental health field.

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