Mental Health Nursing Personal Statement

Sample Mental Health Nursing Personal Statement

My ambition to study for a degree in Mental Health Nursing and to make my career in this field has developed out of my own experience of working in the caring profession and helping to solve the problems of patients suffering from a variety of mental disabilities. For some years I have worked in a nursing home for those with mental health conditions, as well as caring for troubled children. This experience has given me a real and practical understanding of the challenges of the mental health nurse’s role, but also a great sense of the human satisfaction to be found in caring for such patients and being able to help them to live a more normal life, to achieve some equilibrium in their day-to-day existence and to maintain their dignity as human beings. My ultimate goal is to manage a care home for those who suffer from such conditions, but I am very much aware of the diversity of roles which could be open to me with a degree in the subject. Mental health problems are probably the single most common affliction in our population and can affect people of all ages and classes. The mental health nurse can work with a GP or a psychiatrist, in hospital or in a sheltered environment such as a care home, or in the community, visiting patients in their homes or meeting them at out-patient clinics. The variety in the job is very attractive, and the prospect of having the skills to help those who are seriously troubled is very rewarding.

At present I am registered on the Northern Ireland Health and Social Care Council as an Adult Residential Care Assistant and I have worked in a residential care home since 2005. My responsibilities include the care and supervision of a number of residents who suffer from mental health conditions such as schizophrenia. I help them to wash and dress, administer and audit their medication and assist with the development of their care plans. I also help to train new staff. It is this experience that has convinced me that I should like make this field of care the focus of my career. It has given me a deep understanding of the sorts of conditions my patients are suffering from and trained me to develop the sense of sympathy and responsibility which are essential in dealing with such vulnerable people.

Alongside my main role in the care home I have also worked as a volunteer with a charity dealing with the problems of children with Down’s, ADHD and autism. I also worked for some time in a care home for children who showed challenging behaviour. Here my job was to interact with the children, to entertain them and accompany them on outings. Both of these placements gave me clear insight into the mental health problems children can suffer from, and became one of the principal inspirations behind my career choice. This was reinforced by a period of work experience in a primary school, where I spent time caring for a child with ADHD.

Outside my working life in caring, my main interests are in voluntary work and nurturing those less privileged than myself. In 2006 I was involved in the organisation and running of a skills development programme which culminated in an expedition to Bolivia, where I worked in an orphanage for young children. This was a moving experience, as well as one which made me appreciate the level of care and support offered in this country. It was enjoyable to work with a team all committed to the same purpose.

I am the first member of my family to apply to university. My working life has given me a sense of reality and sharpened my vision of what I feel are my own abilities and talents. My responsibilities at work have grown and I have had the opportunities to serve the needs of many patients. I am a good listener and have strong powers of empathy and understanding. I work well with others, but also have the courage to trust my own judgement and make my own decisions. I am purposeful and clear sighted in my ambitions, and I hope you will consider my application.

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