Medicine Personal Statement 26

Sample Medicine Personal Statement

My desire to study medicine stemmed from my personal experience of being diagnosed with coeliac disease at the age of twelve. I attended hospital regularly for a number of years and underwent various inpatient tests including a biopsy and blood screening. The diagnosis changed my life and allowed me to regain full health simply by changing my diet. I became fascinated by the science of how the human body functions and by the capacity of the medical profession to understand and treat conditions such as coeliac disease. My time in hospital gave me an insight into the patient’s perspective and, together with my current regular GP visits, has helped me to understand the difference a doctor’s attitude and way of communicating can make to the patient’s experience. Apart from my love of science and academic capabilities, I believe that it is my communication and listening skills that will make me an ideal candidate to study medicine and enter the medical profession.

I volunteered for five weeks in the Mexican regional hospital of Ciudad Guzman, as I found out through research that I would be given greater exposure to the medical profession than I would have got by volunteering in a European hospital. I worked full-time in the hospital and witnessed surgical procedures including circumcisions, sterilizations, appendectomies and a hip replacement operation. The hip replacement was intriguing as I was able to see the damage that osteoarthritis causes to a femoral head. I was particularly surprised by the sheer brute force needed to remove the joint and replace it with a prosthetic implant. I also spent time in the Obstetrics Department and witnessed numerous births including caesarean sections. I was pleased that after only one week I was trusted to carry out the first tests on the new born babies, and actually handing new born babies to their mothers was a moving experience.

Initially I found some of the situations I witnessed in the hospital quite shocking and upsetting but after five weeks was surprised at how composed I felt, even when confronted with seriously injured patients, and noticed how my attitude helped to reassure the patients. These experiences assured me that I would be able to cope under pressure in a medical environment. I am now eager to start my next voluntary placement in the stroke ward of the Chelsea and Westminster hospital.

I have also volunteered in my local Oxfam shop and a day nursery. These positions helped me learn about working as part of a team, sharing tasks and, dealing with the public. I enjoyed working with infants and babies at the nursery and this experience, together with my time in Maternity unit, has made me seriously consider the possibility of working in the fields of obstetrics or paediatrics.

I thoroughly enjoy studying Chemistry and Biology A level, particularly the practical aspects of these courses, and I’m looking forward to exploring more deeply the links between Chemistry, Human Biology and Medicine. I also take a broader interest in science and medicine. I have expanded my knowledge through attending scientific and medical lectures and regularly reading relevant journals.

My hobbies include playing the drums and running team 10km races, for which I train by attending regular British Military Fitness (BMF) classes. These classes are physically challenging and demand self-discipline and have taught me about the need for teamwork and cooperation in order to achieve a common goal. This year I was involved in the school fashion show and led a team of six, designing all the clothes and choreography myself.

I was brought up bilingually and easily adapt to different cultures and outlooks. I speak fluent French and have an Advanced Diploma in Spanish (I am now practically fluent in Spanish having spoken it exclusively in the hospital). I believe these skills along with my sociable nature will help me work with patients from many different backgrounds.

I feel that my ability to empathise, desire to work with and help people and love of science make me highly suited to the medical profession. In addition, I am determined, diligent and reliable and believe that my academic record is evidence of my ability to make a success of a medical degree course. I have a realistic understanding of what working in medicine involves and am fully committed to studying and pursuing a career in medicine.

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