Medical Personal Statement 16

Sample Medical Personal Statement

The human body is undoubtedly one of the greatest natural phenomena known to man and its mechanisms have always fascinated me. At home I help provide 24 hour care for my nephew who has haemosiderosis, and this has demonstrated to me the value of the medical field. I help communicate between my family and his consultant regarding his medications, and reassure him in his frequent breathing fits. This can be challenging, but has taught me patience and tolerance- qualities which I believe make me the right applicant to study medicine and become a doctor. I have become very focused on pursuing my goal, through my studies in Foundation Medicine and varied work experience in care and community environments. I understand that this is a career with many demands, both emotional and physical, but I know that I possess the energy, determination and stamina to enter the medical profession.

I have tried as far as possible to experience a working medical environment. I spent 2 weeks working in a Hanbury nursing home with patients who required one-on-one daily assistance including feeding and medicines. I learned to adapt to the individual needs of each patient, including those with mental health issues. I sat with one resident, who was very ill and dying, and experienced the value of understanding and communication to reassure those in pain. This inspired me to shadow my local GP, where I talked to doctors and patients, observed routine appointments, and worked on reception, from which I was able to learn about how a general practice is run. This placement illustrated to me the importance of communication between doctors and patients, as well as the serious implications if this breaks down I am multi-lingual in English, Somali and Arabic and was pleased to be able to use these skills to convey requests between patients and staff. I then went on to learn sign language with a friend, having been inspired by this.

I am aware of the importance of community awareness and leadership for students of Medicine. I worked as a waste surveyor in Tower Hamlets for a month as part of a team observing community areas and recording their condition to help improve the borough, requiring good team skills. I also spent a summer raising money for Shelter by designing t-shirts to sell in my college with a team of friends. I naturally seek out positions of responsibility which allow me to help others and was a member of my class council for two years, as well as second head girl. I worked with troubled youths in my community centre for 3 years, and in a voluntary position in the local Marie Curie Cancer Care shop. For 2 years I taught Arabic to children aged 5-11. I consider this one of the best examples of my leadership skills in the community; I planned lessons, worked with children individually and in small groups, and took responsibility for my students- as doctors take responsibility for their patients. I recently became a London Ambassador team leader for the 2012 Olympics, an exciting role which will allow me to use my communication skills directing visitors through London, and heading a small team.

As I am the first person in my family to go to university, I understand the importance of a healthy work-life balance. Through studying both Foundation Medicine and Arabic part-time, as well as socialising and playing sports for relaxation, I have learnt good time management. I played rounders for my school for 5 years and developed good team spirit. I also enjoy calligraphy, as it is a therapeutic activity which requires dexterity and skill, but relaxes the mind.

I am aware of the challenges of becoming a doctor, but I believe that the satisfaction of correctly diagnosing and treating a patient will be extremely rewarding. To be able to help people at their most vulnerable point in life is something I truly believe in and my experiences so far have confirmed this as my life’s goal.

This sample Medical personal statement should be used to guide the writing of your personal statement, including relevant content and sound structure.