Medical Personal Statement 2

Sample Medical Personal Statement

The complex working of the human body has captivated me for years. However, what I find most intriguing is the process of restoring health with science and technology. This is the pivotal reason why I have chosen to embark on a medical career.

To explore my fascination with medicine, I have undertaken relevant work experience in a variety of healthcare settings. Shadowing a nurse in a private medical centre, I observed how pre and post patient treatment was carried out. Contrasting to this is my experience in a busy accident and emergency unit, observing staff diagnosing and treating patients in quick succession. Important learnings were highlighted in these experiences, from understanding resources constraints, the high level of teamwork between healthcare professionals to exercising sound clinical judgements with diagnostic problem solving skills.

I have volunteered each week as a nurse assistant at a hospice for a year. I help prepare and serve meals to patients, conversing with them and understanding their medical requirements. As part of an efficient multi-disciplinary team, we form a strong base for the patient’s healthcare to be closely considered, emphasising the importance of clear communication skills with patients. Gaining the trust of patients underpins the therapeutic relationship, taking in to account their personal and social circumstances. This role has prompted me to study an independent extended project, discussing end of life care.

As the founding member of the Medical Society at school, I invited many specialists to discuss their medical careers. I was particularly inspired by a consultant, who has set up hospitals for some of the poorest areas in India, and developed HIV centres in London at a time of discrimination. Following my interest in foreign healthcare, I volunteered and observed in a hospital in Nepal. Here, I gained a more global perspective of the medical world, understanding foreign cultures, ethics, hygiene and practices. This seminar and experience in a third world country, has further confirmed that medicine is the career path I must pursue, offering boundless opportunities to improve the quality of human life.

Experiential knowledge, perspectives and skills while working within healthcare has confirmed my ability, confidence and drive to study medicine. Treatment and care of patients requires clear communication in a way the audience will understand, and be able to make informed decisions, are skills I have developed over five years as a St John’s Ambulance cadet. I garner the ability and willingness to empathise with patients but also consider alternative reasons and views of others. I understand a career in the medical profession requires the capacity for sustained and intense work, the ability to asses and manage risk and make high level decisions. I believe I have the intellect, motivation and skills to succeed in Medicine. Initiative, leadership and problem solving are skills I developed as Managing Director for a Young Enterprise group, where I learnt how a company runs successfully.

I consider constant, self-directed learning is essential for medical professionals. I have undertaken an Open University module on Genetics and Health Issues, covering the human genome and the vast impact it has on the body’s physiology. Subscribing to ‘The Week’ informs me about the dynamic and innovative medical world. A recent article which fascinated me, discussed the benefits of aspirin and unexpected uses of other drugs. In my free time, I enjoy ballroom and Latin-American dancing; teaching me how such hobbies can help deal with stress.

I have gained a greater understanding and respect of required expectations to become competent in the field of medicine. I believe my experience in the medical, academic and extracurricular fields have given me the tools to communicate with people from a variety of backgrounds, and demonstrate my continuous drive to succeed in the medical profession.

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