Mathematics Personal Statement

Sample Mathematics Personal Statement

My father instilled in me a love of Mathematics. From an early age, he was my teacher in our native Somalia, where there were no schools to attend, owing to the civil war. Despite the difficulties of our lives, thanks to my father I developed a talent for Mathematics and Science. As a result of which, I decided early on that I wish to become a mathematician, either a teacher of the subject, like my father, or a numerical analyst within a major company or government department. Studying Mathematics is the ideal route to fulfil my ambition.

My numerical and logical skills have not gone unnoticed by my A-Level Maths teachers who predict for me the highest grade in the subject. The A-Level is preparing me well for the rigour of the university courses. I particularly enjoy studying Calculus and Probability Theory, for which I have a particular gift and which I hope to study at a higher level at university. My success in the A-Level comes despite my unfamiliarity with the British education system and certain parts of the course. My ability to adapt and learn new areas of Mathematics quickly should be very useful when I come to study new subjects at university, such as Mathematical Logic, which I particularly look forward to studying, having read about the modern computer’s origin in the mathematical work of Alan Turing and Alonzo Church.

My A in A-Level French gives an indication of my exceptional linguistic skills. My talent for languages helped me learn English quickly when I arrived in the UK. I also speak Arabic and Dutch and I hope I shall be able to make use of these linguistic skills in my career and at university where I hope to join the French and Arab societies. Studying A-Level Chemistry, on the other hand, has given me a taste for rigorous scientific research and has enabled me to apply my mathematical skills to scientific problems.

Before we came to Britain, my father gave me an excellent grounding in all mathematical and scientific subjects in Somalia, where he ensured I received a broad education despite the troubles within the country. In Britain, also, I have met with challenges and difficulties during my study. I am a young mother of three and so I have had to fit my studies around my family commitments. My success, despite various difficulties, shows my determination and flexibility.

In my spare time, I have tried to help members of my community achieve similar success by helping found a drop-in centre for young refugees in Cardiff. At the centre, I have taught people how to cook and how to use the internet while mentoring young, unaccompanied refugees and acting as an interpreter for new arrivals. The experience has helped me become an excellent tutor and communicator, which should be of great use, should I become a teacher.

I have also taught local community members basic management techniques and maths skills so that they may found their own businesses and contribute to the wider community. This work continues the volunteering I did in Somalia, where I worked for various charities, teaching youngsters, who could not attend school, basic maths skills. The work could be challenging, especially when it involved working with children who had no familiarity with mathematical concepts, but seeing the children’s joy when they understood was incredibly rewarding.

I hope I shall have the chance to continue such charity work at university. I would like other children who have faced hardship to develop a love for Mathematics, as I have, especially as mathematical skills are essential for success in the modern world.

I am determined to excel at university so that I may have success in my career. I also feel duty bound to take advantage of every opportunity university life will gift me, since my father did all he could to give me an opportunity that he did not have. I hope also my success will be an example for others who may see that they can do great things despite hardship and difficulties.

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