Law Personal Statement

Sample Law Personal Statement

The 2011 riots underlined to our society the need for legal structure and swift justice: in London alone, over 1000 arrests were made over a period of just a few days, and the ensuing demand for legal professionals to represent and convict them truly tested our system. During my first year LLB Law at the University of Central Lancashire, I visited the Galleries of Justice in Nottingham and observed a real case which we then re-enacted in class in order to analyse both sides of the case and reach our own verdicts. I found that I developed real empathy with the plight of the defendant, who may have been a victim of circumstance and social pressures; having always been aware of social inequalities, as an ethnic minority myself, I feel that in these cases, effective upholding of objective justice is most important. I am greatly inspired by the works of Martin Luther King, who argued that people should be judged by their character, not colour: the struggle of minority groups has led to some of the most groundbreaking changes in legal history and I am keen to uphold their rights myself as a member of the legal profession. I have always been interested in studying Law: grappling with concepts of law and justice both in theory and practice would be fascinating and equip me to take the LPC and practise as a solicitor in future. I am now seeking to transfer from my first year at Lancashire, as I have found that it is not the ideal place for my studies: I am extremely committed to completing my studies elsewhere to achieve my future goals.

As part of my first year, I am studying a variety of modules including Contract Law, Public Law and Thinking & Arguing Law, alongside Lawyers Skills and the Judicial Process. I have always enjoyed arguing and grappling with complex case studies: my A-Levels in Psychology, History and English Literature provided a good foundation for my legal studies thus far, and I am on track for a 2:1. I am particularly interested in studying Medical Law: my father is an NHS surgeon, and the chance to understand the legal responsibilities of this type of profession would be enlightening. Furthermore, as my origins are Sudanese I am drawn to Human Rights Law: with the continued globalisation of legal ideas and an increased sense of responsibility in the West towards those in plight such as the Western and Southern Sudan peoples, I may be able to aid this situation in future using my legal knowledge. I gained work experience at a law firm, Hindle & Campbell, in 2010 and in shadowing a criminal lawyer I was able to witness cases at both County and Crown Courts, where I came to understand the differences between cases and the judiciary involved at each level. Visiting courts during my first year at university demonstrated to me the power of the judge, as well as the need for a socially responsible jury, given that defendants’ freedoms hinge upon the decisions made in a courtroom.

In my spare time I enjoy debating as part of the university society, and am keenly involved in sports including football and cross-country. I have found that playing in a football team since school has developed my ability to work within a team and this has already been beneficial in completing group casework as part of my degree. I am currently training for the 2012 Great North Run and have gained sponsorship to go towards a Sudanese charity which provides wells and water supplies for the most impoverished areas in the Sudan: a cause close to my heart and one which I am proud to help.

Transferring from my current course is, I believe, the best step to achieving my ambitions and it indicates my commitment to qualifying through overcoming personal challenges and seeking pragmatic solutions. I believe that a career in Law will challenge me both personally and professionally: laws are constantly changing to reflect events in our society and it is this flexibility which makes UK law such an exciting field.

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