Law Personal Statement

Sample Law Personal Statement

Why are some people born with more rights than others? The UN charter affirms the equal rights of all people, regardless of any distinction. Yet millions of people around the world fall outside these rights and little holds together the nations of the world in equality. I have always been interested in the ideas that underpin a legal career, but a life-changing volunteer trip to Ghana this summer focused my future on international human rights. The study of law in our current climate of internationalisation allows lawyers to make a difference throughout the world, rather than just their own country. This is my goal and my future.

I attended the 2011 Cambridge Law Conference in order to learn more about studying law. Over the 4 days I was introduced to different types of law by Cambridge professors, whose academic expertise was inspiring. I decided to further investigate the field with work experience at Chambers, and gained a real insight into life as a barrister. I shadowed barristers and clerks to understand the workings of Chambers, and enjoyed observing court cases; the highlight was a visit to a Court of Appeal trial. I saw that lawyers must be able to think on their feet, and present arguments using a broad knowledge. Further, legal ethics are integral to a barrister’s work, as they have a duty to society over and above their client.

My month in Ghana in a human rights office focused my interest. As a volunteer I was able to get involved in intestacy and child trafficking projects. The work heavily relied upon advocacy skills and outreaches to rural villages to explain their human rights. I had to read and quickly absorb information on Ghanaian law to help resolve issues; a skill which I had seen was integral to the barristers at Chambers. The 3rd world setting made this uniquely rewarding and intense. Experiencing the shocking living conditions of villagers only underlined the importance of qualified advocates reaching out to those who cannot defend themselves. I feel that I can make a real difference through a legal career; it is the only thing that can protect the future of countries like Ghana. I am now extremely passionate not just about national laws but international human rights. As a result of the trip, I am also better at interacting with all types of people and able to apply myself even in extreme environments.

I have read around Law avidly, including the UCAS Law Guide and “What about Law?” by the Cambridge fellows Virgo, O’Sullivan and Barnet, who I met at the Cambridge conference. I also enjoyed “Letters to a Law Student” by McBride, who had lectured me on Tort law. I subscribe to The Economist to keep up with international news and found this useful in broadening my perspective on global law.

I have many extracurricular activities which constantly develop me as a person. One of my proudest achievements has been gaining certification for the Chartered Management Institute, demanding leadership skills and a business mindset which despite my young age I was able to demonstrate. As a Sunday school teacher for young children, I have developed greater patience and flexibility. The Gold Duke of Edinburgh award, which I will soon complete, has required good team skills and initiative, which I also found invaluable in Ghana. I am working towards Grade 7s in Piano and Flute and play in the school orchestra; another of my major passions is sport, and I have long represented my school in Netball and Hockey. I also have experience of organising inter-house competitions, which has improved my teamwork and time management skills.

In order to return to Ghana and help rid it of the frequent human rights abuses that blight the lives of its people, I will study to eventually become a qualified barrister. My experiences in the UK and abroad have only confirmed that I have the passion and the potential to fulfil this goal and I am ready for the challenges and rewards that lie ahead.

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