Electronic and Electrical Engineering Personal Statement

Sample Electronic and Electrical Engineering Personal Statement

The ever-changing advances in modern electronics and their impact on our day to day livelihood has inspired me to pursue a degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering. Through this degree, I hope to be offered a platform to develop my analytical skills and in-depth understanding of how Electronic and Electrical Engineers apply technological advances to overcome today’s challenges.

Ever since I was knee-high I have had a passion for this fascinating field. It is a field with ever-changing environment, offering different challenges that can fulfil my ambition to undertake problem solving and teamwork. During 2008 Engineering Week, I participated in the National Science and Engineering Week Challenge run by BECHATEL. The activities that this day involved helped me to look at engineering in a different dimension and gave me a better idea of what studying the field at undergraduate level involves.

I have held a number of positions of responsibility, including being elected as a course representative. This role enabled me to liase with Divisional staff and College Managers on different issues affecting students. At college level it gave me the chance to participate in raising issues at the Course Representative Conference. I also dedicated part of my time to the Aim Higher mentorship, where I helped other students to develop skills that would help to them keep on track and cope with their course. The valuable skills gained from these roles include; time management, negotiation and networking. These skills are valuable for withstanding the demands of University life and enabling me to participate in it effectively.

Within the wider community, I was involved in volunteering work with Iver Nature Study Centre. I helped with conservation projects and different practical work. My teamwork and communication skills improved immensely while working on group projects with various accomplished individuals working within the engineering sector.

As a young man I always try to keep myself occupied and active by getting involved in various sports and other outdoor activities. During the summer of 2008 I participated in a week long, residential program of outdoor activities and teamwork at Hindleap Warren Outdoor Centre. These activities enhanced my team working skills and endurance. I also enjoy music and play the guitar to a reasonable standard. I have learnt this through my local music association.

I have no doubts that the knowledge and the skills I have developed through my study and extra curricular activities will help me to cope with the requirements of higher education. I also firmly believe this degree will prepare me to tackle the technological challenges of today, in which Electronic Engineers play a vital role.

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