Diagnostic Radiography Personal Statement

Sample Diagnostic Radiography Personal Statement

Shockingly, the survival rate for cancer among young people has not improved significantly in over thirty years. This is due in part to the disease not being diagnosed early enough. The radiographer is key to rectifying this situation.

Having seen the suffering that cancer can bring in my six years as a health care assistant, I knew that I wished to follow the family tradition and work in a medical environment helping doctors to lessen and eliminate patients’ pain. My study and my reading about the importance of diagnosis convinced me of the importance of radiography and cemented my ambition to become a Diagnostic Radiographer. My ultimate goal is to become a Radiographer Consultant, working with universities to help train the next generation of radiographers.

I wish to study Diagnostic Radiography to gain the requisite knowledge and practical experience to fulfil my ambition and help catch diseases before they ruin lives.

To prepare myself for the scientific courses of the degree, I am studying the Access course in Medicine and Bio-Sciences. Biology and Chemistry are the most interesting courses, as they equip me with the knowledge of the body and its processes, which is essential for my chosen career. But the practical lessons are the most enjoyable so far as they are great preparation for the clinical part of the degree, which is the aspect of the degree I most look forward to, knowing from my own work the importance of human contact with patients. But through my study, I have also discovered a talent for physics, which should come in handy when I come to take the Radiation Physics course in the degree.

My love of caring explains why I have persisted as a health care assistant in hospitals across London for six years. In my work, I am caring for patients suffering from all types of life-changing conditions, from cancer to brain disorders, seeing to their daily needs and working closely with medical professionals and keeping them up-to-date about patients’ conditions. The tireless work of the medical professionals has made me anxious to involve myself more in preventing such suffering and this played a large part in helping form my ambition to work in Radiography. Working as part of a team under pressure has equipped me with the requisite organisational and team work skills to become a medical professional, while seeing from close up the patients’ suffering has made me more compassionate and a stronger person, and consequently more determined to work at the frontline of the fight against disease.

Outside of the classroom and the workplace, despite my hectic schedule, I have done everything possible to prepare myself for the degree by reading any relevant magazine or website. The Society of Radiographers website informs me about the day-to-day reality of working as a radiographer in an NHS hospital, while Radiography magazine teaches me about current developments within the field. I have also received a lot of support for my career choice from my mother and aunt who are medical professionals. They have provided me with a wealth of information about the pressures of hospital work and the personal qualities required to deal with them.

The strength of character I have already developed from my work and from making the challenging transition from my native Russia to the UK is something I wish to make use of to help others at university. I would like to volunteer with the disabilities or counselling department to provide disadvantaged students with the necessary support to achieve their potential.

When not studying or volunteering, I hope I shall be able to mix with students from many different cultures and countries. For, I hope that university will not only provide me with the academic and practical knowledge necessary to become a radiographer working to combat disease within an NHS hospital, but will also help me to develop further the personable nature required to work with and care for people from many different backgrounds.

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