Business Personal Statement

Sample Business Personal Statement

Whilst many business students are restricted to learning from the examples of prominent business people who they do not know personally, I am very lucky to have been able to learn about the qualities that are necessary to succeed in business from my mother, who has run her own company in China for the last three decades. Her example is nothing short of an inspiration to me. Through joining her at business meetings and working closely with her, I have learnt that to succeed in business it is essential to be an excellent communicator, because this skill lies at the heart of so many aspects of good business practice, such as being able to persuade others, motivating people, building consensus and successfully marketing the business, to name just a few. I have also learnt from my mother that a willingness to continually listen and learn is also essential, as is never losing your sense of determination. In the long term I believe these lessons will serve me well during my career, and in the shorter term will also help me to make the most of the opportunities afforded by an undergraduate business degree.

As a result of being closely involved with my mother’s business, I believe I have more direct experience of how businesses work than the majority of my age group. In addition to my mother’s work playing a prominent role in my childhood, I spent two years working part-time at her company. Based in the company office, it was very interesting to learn the fundamentals of how a business operates behind the scenes. Through doing so, I learnt how companies such as that of my mother adapt to changing circumstances so that they can maximise their profits, and I also gained a sense of the professional qualities that are required to be an effective member of a management team. In preparation for the role I occupied at my mother’s company, I spent a period of time working as a Junior at an insolvency company. This experience was worthwhile from my perspective as a business student as learning about insolvent businesses gave me a much greater understanding of the factors that lead to businesses failing.

These personal experiences of the business sector, and above all a desire to be able to play a leading role in my mother’s business, are what have led me to apply to study business at university. I am excited about the possibility of devoting my efforts to gaining a fuller understanding of how businesses and organisations operate. I am as keen to begin studying areas of business studies and management that are totally new to me as I am to acquire a more detailed understanding of the areas that I have already studied at school and college. My studies and work experience so far have made me particularly interested in the accounting side of business. Sound accounting is central to the success or failure of a business, and for me it has been very stimulating to learn about areas such as financial reporting and the creation of budgets. At the same time, I know that it is also important for business professionals to be able to work analytically and think strategically, so that they are able to seize on new business opportunities. In my spare time I have already begun to find out more about these aspects of business through activities such as watching business-related videos on YouTube, and I look forward to developing these skills through studying business at university.

When not working or studying I like to follow my passion for music. I am an avid listener of a broad range of musical styles from across the globe, and I am always on the lookout for new genres and musicians. I also like to think of myself as a very sociable person, and I pride myself on being a dependable friend and an excellent listener. Indeed, outside of the degree itself, one of the aspects of studying in a British university that I am most excited about is the opportunities that I will have to make new friends from cultures that are totally new to me.

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