Psychology Personal Statement

Sample Psychology Personal Statement

My ambition to study for a degree in psychology and to work in the field has developed partly out of the enjoyment I have gained from my psychology AS course, but also out of a natural tendency to wonder what motivation lies behind human behaviour. It has always been a source of interest for me to wonder what makes people act in the ways they do, and the AS course showed me that I might actually find answers to such questions. The course has given me a good introduction to many different areas of psychology, and I have found myself particularly interested in criminology and clinical psychology, so much so that my career aim is now to work as a clinician, diagnosing patients’ problems and counselling. I work particularly well with people and find it easy to interact with others and understand their feelings and drives, and I believe that this aspect of the subject would suit my particular talents and abilities. Psychology offers an understanding of the day-to-day problems facing people in the world, and the science holds out many methods for analysing behaviour and offers guidance in the question of when and where intervention is useful. The diversity of the subject is also very attractive. I am interested in the developmental aspects, the notion of normality, social psychology, the ways psychology might be measured, the connection with mental health and the psychology of crime. I know too that a degree in the subject is the gateway to many career options, and the prospects are very appealing.

I am an energetic and reliable student and give my all to everything I do. I have achieved a bronze award in the DoE scheme, an achievement I am proud of largely because it involved activities which under normal circumstances I would not undertake. Completing the physical and endurance parts of the qualification called for real perseverance and determination. Part of the “service” aspect of the award involved helping at a local primary school after-school club, where I worked with teachers to organise and care for a large number of young children. It was a revelatory experience for me, developing my ability to lead and opening my eyes to the demands of adult life. I undertook a week’s work experience at a satellite technology firm in Surrey, working in reception and marketing. Here I learnt about the value of teamwork and the importance of being able to cooperate with a variety of people.

My leisure activities include rock climbing at an indoor centre, where I completed their course over 18 months. At school I am a prefect, which calls for a strong sense of responsibility and good organisational skills. This summer I have been on a school trip to Tanzania, which firstly involved raising the money for the cost of the journey. With 15 of my colleagues I worked in a school, taking classes and running debates, and also did volunteer work helping to build a house for a widow. Family holidays have often been spent in far-flung places. This year we visited Sri Lanka, and the contact again with the third world made me appreciate my own good fortune in having the opportunity to go to university.

These experiences have matured me and given me an increasingly realistic view of the world along with a developing confidence and belief in myself. I consider myself to be hard-working, responsible and organised, both as an individual and as a student. I am proud of the fact that I have never handed in a piece of schoolwork late and have always achieved top grades for effort and mostly A-grades for achievement. My conscientious approach will not allow me to postpone or neglect what I know must be done. Indeed, I enjoy writing essays and doing research in a topic, and I am full of intellectual curiosity, which has been particularly whetted by my psychology course. I am a “people person”, sociable, generous and a good listener. My commitment to my chosen subject is total, and I hope you will consider my application.

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