Psychology Personal Statement

Sample Psychology Personal Statement

Effectively responding to extreme and antisocial behaviours first requires an understanding of their causes and effects. Without grasping what inspires people to commit acts that society has already deemed to be unacceptable, we will be no closer to finding preventative solutions and will be stuck with the approach of punishing the deed after the fact. Having always harboured an interest in human psychology, studying this area in more depth throughout my academic career and seeing how revealing this can be, particularly when extrapolated to the societal level and applied within criminology and law, has motivated me to undertake further study that will allow me to make a potential impact in this field in future.

I am currently studying a Foundation course in Psychology, Sociology and Political Studies, which has successfully demonstrated the interlinked nature of these subjects and has offered a strong grounding in each. Exploring the way in which society and the individual shape and inform each other has particular impact in the field of criminology and criminal justice, as it attempts to account for the way in which people transgress the social norms. Understanding this is the first step in the process of eliminating this transgression. Through study, I have become more and more convinced that applying this skill and knowledge within a career in law or criminal justice would prove challenging, intellectually and emotionally, but would also offer the potential rewards that making a positive impact on society entails.

As a mature student, I also bring valuable employment experience into undergraduate study, which will offer a fresh perspective on the subject not available to those who have little experience outside of education. Working within the claims department of a large solicitors, I have gained practical experience of the field. Leading a team of 8 Claims Handlers, I was in charge of dealing with high value claims, pre-litigation, as well as tendering for new business within a competitive environment. Alongside the practical leadership, teamwork, communication, administration and management skills that this role fostered, I was also able to witness the value and impact of the profession first hand, inspiring me to dedicate further study to building a career within it. As the Manager of a family-run business, with overall responsibility for the management of personnel, administrative tasks and creating new business, I have also shown myself to be a highly organised and motivated individual. Guiding this company through the processes of tax returns, and the other legal aspects of running a business, has also offered me a client’s perspective on various aspects of the legal profession; alerting me to the excellent communication and plain speaking necessary when dealing with the people that one’s legal expertise might be assisting.

In my spare time, I am also keen on sport and fitness and particularly enjoy the martial art of Muay Thai. Built on the principles of respect and discipline, I enjoy the psychological aspect of this art form, fostering, as it does, sound principles through which to live our lives. As a dedicated student, I have worked hard to excel in this sport, and have gained first class passes in all the grades I have taken thus far.

Having worked hard to gain both a sound intellectual grounding and solid practical experience within the legal profession, I am more convinced than ever that seeking to work within this broad and diverse sector is the best match for my interests and aptitudes. Through expanding on my interests in the causes and the impacts of crime, alongside my technical knowledge of law, I hope ultimately to gain the necessary knowledge and experience to make my own positive impact on reducing or alleviating its effects within my own community and within society more broadly.

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