Psychology Personal Statement

Sample Psychology Personal Statement

Since a young age, my fascination towards human socializing and the role scientific functions of the brain play in shaping human behaviour has only deepened. Reading psychology at university is a logical step towards, and will play a major role in, fulfilling my ultimate ambition of becoming a qualified counselling psychologist and over the course of my school career much proactive effort has been inputted into developing a broad skill set that will aid me in my journey towards attaining my personal and professional goals. I hope to utilise my pre- existing aptitudes whilst studying, to build these up through new experience and challenges, and to confidently take on board many more competences whilst continuously adding new knowledge and awareness throughout my time as an undergraduate.

My strong academic record stands me in good stead to realize my potential at university level and I foresee contributing much endeavour to both my academic and extra curricular life; maintaining my involvement in sport, engaging with as much psychology based activity outside of my course modules as possible, and generating a diverse social group are just some aspects of further education that enthuse me. Having the opportunity to specialize in studying human cognitive processes and the development of the self is an element of my chosen programme that is highly anticipated; A Level Psychology planted this seed of interest and pursuing this individually, reading the Journal of Cognitive Psychology and Clinical Psychology Review on a regular basis, I am assured that these areas are particularly significant to my career path and therefore to my journey through further education.

Having an aptitude for maths will aid me greatly with statistical compiling and analysis involved in my course; I look forward to applying my knowledge to individual and group projects and feel I have a good basis of understanding which will enable my high achievement. Winning the school maths Gold medal demonstrates my self-motivation and dedication, coupled with my natural capacity for numbers and I hope to stretch my knowledge in this area, allowing for its growth alongside my psychology studies. Throughout my time at school I have enjoyed academic success and have shown much diligence; there have been many trials that have demanded commitment and enthusiasm, and I take pride in knowing my enthusiasm and confidence has driven me to the end of my time at school feeling prepared for further study and more complex challenges.

At school I embarked on stimulating work experience at a large property company, gaining valuable insight into the professional world whilst simultaneously learning beneficial new skills. I was relied upon to complete administration tasks and given the responsibility of scheduling meetings and coordinating the smooth running of the office. During this time I honed my organisation skills and became accomplished at prioritising tasks, working efficiently and calmly under pressure. The aforementioned capabilities will benefit my university life and I highly anticipate utilising these aptitudes to facilitate a successful journey through further education.

My teamwork, interpersonal, communication and leadership skills have been bolstered through my involvement with sports and through my active participation in lessons. Attending training and creating a positive working atmosphere within my teams and in the classroom was a task I took in my stride. Learning methods to inspire and encourage was particularly enjoyable as this is associated with my keen interest in psychology; developing my knowledge of practical psychology through sport and within the classroom was fruitful for my studies and for personal clarification of my desire to read Psychology at university and to become a qualified psychologist.

Attending psychology and sociology lectures is one way my free time is occupied, a highlight being attending Zimbardo’s lecture discussing the Stanford Prison Experiment. When at university I hope to be able to see as many speakers as possible to supplement my work, and to immerse myself in my studies with the aim of scoring highly, constantly keeping in mind my ambition of running my own counselling psychology business.

I am a smart, hardworking, self-starting and committed student with a great passion for all things psychology. I like to think creatively, work well alone and within groups and have excellent, well practiced, communication skills. I look forward to throwing myself into university and to becoming immersed in the many learning opportunities, new social prospects, and the extra-curricular offerings that entail from playing a productive part in the student body.

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