Psychology Personal Statement 2

Sample Psychology Personal Statement

Human behaviour fascinates me. From the thoughts and feelings people posses, to motives underlying such behaviour, the science and study of behaviour exhibited by individuals and groups intrigues me. I wish to embark on a career where my understanding of the human mind will positively contribute to individuals and society. I believe my range of skills, academic performance and enjoyment of working with others, make me an ideal candidate to study Psychology.

Having studied psychology and biology at A-Level, I have a broad overview of applying scientific methods to human behaviour. I particularly enjoy the fact it relates to everyday life by covering areas such as learning, memory, group behaviour, development and disability. Biology complements the study of behaviour, focusing on genetics and physiology. The course will offer further insight in to a variety of social and scientific areas which I find highly interesting, from drug addiction, language, memory and mental disorders. Studying psychology at a higher level will combine these areas, alongside computational and philosophical elements.

As a social science, hypotheses are presented, investigated, tested and proven. I have a firm grounding in methodological skills needed for a psychological investigation, from computing skills to advanced statistical techniques for analysing data. Carrying out a range of studies at A-Level, I used logic; organisation and problem solving skills to ensure the study adhered to the methodology, to ensure results were valid.

I have a natural curiosity to understand and interpret the behaviours of others, on an individual and group basis. My research and analytical skills have been reflected in my studies, where I look for commonalities and anomalies, to prove or disprove theories. This course will offer me the opportunity to take this forward in conducting my own empirical research. I wish to develop my research methods within the BPA standards. I fully understand the ethical impositions placed upon studies, which protect the participants and researcher. However, I also understand that these have been developed from previous studies which are deemed unethical but important to the field of psychology. Psychologists such as Zimbardo and Freud are controversial, but important figures who have contributed to the development and understanding of how humans interact in various situations.

As a high level Decathlon athlete, I possess an understanding of the human form pushed to its limits. Time management is an essential skill at performing well academically and competing at a high level. As a qualified lifeguard, I am responsible for observing and reacting in situations, which may be stressful to the individual and surrounding people. Effective communication skills, attention and managing group situations are skills I have developed.

As an active sports person, I am acutely aware of psychological challenges professional sports players face, from extreme adrenaline rushes of winning, to the spiralling lows. I am keen to understand and apply psychological knowledge of how different experiences and influences affect sport performance, both positively and negatively. Developmental, group, personality traits, biological and social psychology all come in to play with regards to sports players.

My future expedition to Ghana will involve working with local school children, offering me the opportunity to immerse myself in a culture radically diverse from the UK. Here, I will observe a range of cross-cultural behaviours, attitudes, motivations and actions. This experience will provide a higher level of critical thinking, which will be applicable to the course and future career.

I am committed to expanding my psychological knowledge, learning from esteemed professors and sharing experiences with likeminded peers. I have a passion for science and human behaviour and endeavour to pursue a career within the health industry.

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