Property Management Personal Statement

Sample Property Management Personal Statement

Property has always left me spellbound. From an aesthetic point of view, I never fail to be amazed by the enormous breadth of building styles and daring property development projects that are attempted in cities such as London and New York, where I spent many of my formative years. However, my interest in property goes far beyond an appreciation for stunning architecture. I am also fascinated by the pivotal role played by property in our economy, whether in the form of property investment, the residential market, or commercial property development. Having learnt the fundamentals of the property world through a foundation degree, and having also taken the initiative of working in the London property sector to gain the sort of knowledge that only first-hand experience can bring, I am now eager to take an Honours degree that will equip me with the skills required for a successful career in property.

After completing my A Levels I went on to study a foundation degree in property at the Royal Agricultural College. The course gave me a thorough and rigorous overview of the main aspects of the property sector, including law, surveying, development, construction and management. I found the content of the course to be highly valuable for understanding the workings of the property industry, and the degree fired within me a strong motivation to pursue a career in property and gain greater knowledge and expertise of the sector through one day taking an Honours degree.

However, rather than immediately progressing to full undergraduate study, I felt that my overall career development and my understanding of the property world would be better served by gaining professional experience in the sector. I am proud of what I have accomplished since completing my foundation course. Initially I worked for eight months as a Lettings Negotiator at an independent property company in London. Through this position I gained a real understanding of the basic principles and mechanisms through which the capital’s property market operates, and it was gratifying to see what I had learned whilst at the Royal Agricultural College in real-life action. The position also allowed me to build on the knowledge that I had acquired through previous property-related internships. In September 2010, for example, I spent a month working with an engineering firm that specialises in period properties, through which I learnt a great deal about the different technical and financial issues surrounding the profitable restoration of buildings.

However, it has been my most recent property venture that has truly introduced me to the many different and exciting challenges of the property world. Earlier this year I started up my own property company. During this time I project managed the complete renovation of a cottage in Suffolk, and at the moment I am selling a multi-million pound property in central London and renovating a three-bedroom flat in South West London. Leading these projects has been immensely rewarding, and has also given me an invaluable insight into the property industry. For example, through selling the central London property I gained first-hand experience in preparing a property sale, which has included collating floor plans, photos, a property description and an EPC, and marketing the property on web portals such as Prime Location. I have been responsible for the whole process and am now in the final stages as a client has made a successful offer on the property.

Whilst I have acquired important first-hand experience and knowledge through my professional activities since leaving the Royal Agricultural College, I recognise that to truly succeed in the property sector it is essential to have undertaken advanced-level studies, not to mention to hold a qualification from the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. For this reason I am highly motivated to take my understanding of property to the next level by completing an Honours degree to the best of my abilities.

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