Politics Personal Statement

Sample Politics Personal Statement

My ambition to study for a degree in International Relations has its origins in my family’s involvement in the political world, and my own aptitude for languages and deep curiosity about the social, political and cultural context in which language operates. I am applying as a mature student, with several years’ experience of the workplace, and for the past six as a freelance translator. I have several languages, my native Latvian and fluent Russian, Polish and English (and I am a proficient Latinist), and I have a strong belief in the importance of languages in an increasingly international world, both as means of cross-border communication and as pathways towards better mutual understanding, and as cultural factors which define a country and give it its individuality and sense of identity. My ultimate ambition is to work for the EU as a translator in Brussels or Luxembourg, and a degree in International Relations would equip me with the knowledge and understanding which would be necessary in a career in the international political world. My aunt worked in the diplomatic corps and her account of her life influenced my own interests very much, and my family have always been involved in politics, so I have been brought up to be aware of the importance of political events and to understand something of political theory and principles. While at school I worked as a volunteer for one of the political parties in Latvia, organizing meetings and events. I have no doubt that this is the world I want to work in, and to be able to combine this with my linguistic skills and curiosity about European culture and history would bring me real satisfaction.

What interests me particularly about International Relations is the opportunity the subject offers to gain a real understanding of the forces which lead to conflict in international affairs, and so to find ways of achieving cooperation. History was always a key subject for me at school, and I am interested in the role of ideas in the way countries view each other – their differing attitudes to religion, politics, morality and human individuality. I should like to explore the history of Europe since 1945, the legacy of the Cold War, and the political thinking which has shaped events in the continent over that time, so as to gain an increasingly informed view of the attitudes to European integration. All of this knowledge is essential, I believe, for anyone who plans to work productively in this field.

I attended the University of Latvia, where I studied English Philology for six months, and then moved to the UK, to study the language and gain work experience. While at University I worked as a news editor and annotation writer for the LETA news agency – a wonderful opportunity for me as a student, which taught me much about managing my time, working in a team and meeting the demands for accuracy and self-discipline. Since then I have worked as a freelance translator, and to supplement this I have spent two years as an office administrator in a warehouse, managing orders, keeping control of stock and dealing with drivers and suppliers. This has been useful experience of the real world of work and, among other things, has taught me to work well under pressure and to think on my feet.

I am always keen to keep abreast of new developments in politics and international affairs by following stories in the media My subject is one in which I can genuinely enjoy the pleasure of life-long learning. I work hard, have great curiosity about the world I live in and a creative approach in everything I undertake to do. My work experience has helped me to develop real skills in coping with pressure and understanding my own responsibilities. I enjoy working with others, but have the confidence in my own judgement to be equally happy operating on my own. I am totally committed to my goal, and believe I have the necessary qualities to become a very successful undergraduate.

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