Politics, Economics and Business Personal Statement

Sample Politics, Economics and Business Personal Statement

Since the onset of the global financial crisis and governments’ consequent scrambling to soften its impact, the ties between Politics, Economics and Business have been drawn ever tighter. It is therefore now more important than ever to understand their interrelations. As the world’s most cosmopolitan city and the home of its most important financial centre, London for me is the perfect place for studying these subjects.

My current study at the University of San Diego awoke me to the complexities of modern politics and economics and fired me with a desire to work at the frontline of developments in politics and business, as either a politician, economics journalist or a business woman. To help fulfil my ambition, although enjoying my current study, I made the challenging decision to relocate to London, where there are such strong programmes in these fields and where I shall be able to study economic and political developments of global significance from close quarters.

I am studying American Politics and Economics this semester and I plan to prepare myself for study in London by taking International Relations and more advanced Economics courses in the next semester. American Politics has been particularly eye-opening, as business and politics are more tightly knit in the US than in almost any other major industrialised nation. I hope to learn more about why this is so when I come to London. At the same time, Economics is equipping me with the analytical tools necessary to analyse the global economy quantitatively.

I was already well-prepared for the rigours of Economics by my French Baccalaureate study in Science. The demanding nature of the Lyce system really made me push myself to become a more disciplined and hard-working student intent on always bettering myself. So I feel ready to study the complexities of globalisation in London, a subject of particular personal interest for me, as a person of Lebanese, Korean and American descent who grew up in the French education system. I am therefore in a sense of a product of globalisation and I have personally experienced its benefits. My parents have filled me with the best aspects of their respective cultures. My Lebanese father has instilled in me the importance of family while my mother has impressed upon me the value of respect. Not all people have been so lucky. I wish to study the wider positive and negative effects of globalisation on peoples and cultures.

To understand better the day-to-day reality of business, I worked for INJAZ, a Jordanian company dedicated to helping school children through social and charity events. I helped plan parties and events for disadvantaged children of the area. I have also held many conversations with my father, who has his own company, to learn more about the pressures of running a business, which has given me a detailed picture of what it is like to actually do business in a globalised world.

Outside of school and the workplace, I have a talent for ballet and ice-skating, which I have practised at high levels for seven years, performing before large audiences on many occasions. I hope to keep up these activities in London, where there are such great ballet schools and opera houses. I am also an avid football player and I would like to join the university’s football team when I arrive in London.

It is essential to be a good public speaker if you are to be closely involved in politics and international affairs. So I should like to join the debating society at university too and mix with people of many different cultures and backgrounds so that I am prepared for the demands that will be made on me when I enter our globalised world in a business or political capacity.

For, I hope university life in London will not only provide me with the requisite theoretical knowledge and analytical acumen to succeed in our information-driven global economy but will also help me develop the personal qualities necessary to deal with its challenges.

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