Politics and Economics Personal Statement

Example Politics and Economics Personal Statement

One of the key truths that the current global financial crisis teaches us is the inextricable link between politics and economics. The relationship between these two areas is deeply complex and therefore exceedingly difficult to fully map out. However, it is undeniable that the collapses in the finances of countries have had consequences far beyond the confines of economics, leading as they have to the fall of governments, polarized electorates, global protest movements and diplomatic tensions. The relationship between politics and economics fascinates me, and it is something that I wish to explore further through university study.

The political institutions of a country to a large extent define the nation over which they govern. The politics of my homeland of Pakistan demonstrates the centrality of political systems to our lives. Pakistan has for years been plagued by weak institutions and a corrupt political class, all of which have contributed to a situation of political and social instability. Economics is a similarly omnipresent aspect of human activity. It fascinates me to think of the complex chain of economic transactions that lie behind actions that are as simple as buying a bag of sugar, ranging from questions such as the labour costs of the production process, the way its price is set, how the retailer and the sugar producers’ profits filter into the wider economy, and so on. Politics and economics are inseparable, not to mention immensely important aspects of our lives. Yet the majority of us do not seek to understand the underlying processes and mechanisms that shape economic and political systems. Without this knowledge, our understanding of economics and politics is severely limited; I wish to acquire this knowledge through studying politics and economics at university.

I have truly enjoyed studying economics and business studies at AS Level, especially when the courses have covered subjects that link directly to political questions. Indeed, I have chosen not to confine my study of these subjects to the classroom. I regularly read a wide selection of magazines, newspapers and websites related to politics, economics and finance, and I also enjoy reading books and biographies related to Pakistani politics, such as Benazir Bhutto’s Daughter of the East.In the summer I participated in the University of Cambridge’s Reach Cambridge programme. It was a privilege to be able to listen to some of the finest academic minds explain concepts such as econometrics and game theory.

Outside of school I have also been pro-active in gaining work experience in several different fields. During a recent summer I held an internship at an advertising agency in Pakistan. Here I learnt a great deal about the priorities of businesses, and it was a challenging and exciting experience to work creatively as part of a team. I also did an internship at Greenwich University, where I worked in a range of departments. The placement was very interesting as it helped me to understand the way in which large, complex organizations function on a day-to-day basis.

I have also been closely involved with a range of voluntary work in Pakistan. Through an organization called the Citizen Foundation, I have worked in schools in poor areas of the country, where I taught maths and English. I have also volunteered at a charity for mentally disabled children, where I was involved in playing with the children. In 2007 I helped to organize relief efforts for those affected by the flooding in Sindh province. My family and I collected two truck-loads of supplies and delivered them to the region. The combination of my interest in Pakistani politics, the voluntary work I have done and my love of my home country inspire me to wish to put a degree in politics and economics to use for the good of Pakistan.

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