Politics and Economics Personal Statement 2

Example Politics and Economics Personal Statement

Growing up on the Channel Islands as I have has provided me, since a young age, with very much an international perspective. As an international financial hub, Jersey attracts businesses and individuals from all around the globe; many of its residents, such as my father, conduct business across the world. Living here and learning from my father has blessed me with an interest in a wide spectrum of salient international issues, ranging from global finance and commerce to international law. The way different nations interact with one another has grown to be the central interest of my life, and I would be delighted to have the opportunity to concentrate in my studies on international political and economic matters.

There are two particular features of international affairs that have particularly engaged my interest in the field to date, though I look forward to discovering many more as I progress in my studies. The first of these is the ways in which the dynamics of global politics and economics seem to have changed so rapidly over recent decades. In terms of global business and finance, this has taken the form of the economies of different countries becoming ever more closely enmeshed; the consequences of this have been in some respects positive, but it has also contributed to the globalized nature of today’s economic troubles. Economic development has also shifted the balances of political forces, with the BRICs nations and in particular China now seeking a leading role in shaping the international agenda. The second aspect of international affairs that so emphatically appeals to me is these complex connections between economic, political and other factors. To genuinely understand the way the world works, it is essential to take an interdisciplinary perspective, and this is exactly the way in which I want to approach international affairs.

Over this summer I worked at international accountancy and law firms in Jersey, helping me to develop a better idea of various aspects of international economic and legal matters. Working at the law firm gave was an especially insightful experience, as through it I learnt a lot about matters such as different safeguards that are in place across the world to prevent crimes such as bribery and money laundering. These issues are becoming particularly significant in an era when criminal networks increasingly attempt to spread their assets around the world. These two placements, along with a further internship I had at the States of Jersey Development Company, also gave me a sense of the skills required in today’s professional world. I rose to the challenges of participating in meetings, solving problems and reporting key information to superiors. The work was an interesting step up from the enjoyable part-time and holiday jobs I have held, such as working as a shop assistant at a florist and working in the offices of the Oval cricket ground, where I learnt how to communicate effectively and professionally.

My association with cricket extends to my free time, in the form of my work as a scorer for the Jersey Cricket Association, a responsibility that requires great concentration and rapid mathematical skills. My other sporting allegiance is to rugby. I have been a member of Jersey Rugby Club for over a decade, through which I have formed many lifelong friendships, and I also play for my school First XV. I am unquestionably an outgoing individual, and this personality trait has encouraged me to be involved in various drama productions and also to complete a course in public speaking. I put the skills from this course to use in the States Chamber Debate earlier this year, where I discussed current affairs with the Chief Minister of Jersey. Participating in this event was an honour equalled only by my appointment earlier this year as house prefect. And while debating has taught me to be a better speaker, being a house prefect has helped me to be a better listener.

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