Physiotherapy Personal Statement

Sample Physiotherapy Personal Statement

My ambition to work as a physiotherapist is the product of a number of factors. I have experienced for myself the immense value of physiotherapeutic treatment. Twelve years ago I suffered a serious accident and spent a long time in hospital, where I benefited from an intensive course of physiotherapy to rehabilitate me. I experienced a variety of procedures, including limb manipulation, as well as hydrotherapy pool and ultrasound treatment, and I learnt much about the way physiotherapy works and also came to understand the impact healthcare teams can have on their patients. Since then I have been committed to the idea of providing care and support for those with debilitating conditions, particularly the elderly and those who have suffered strokes. A close family member who was a stroke victim benefited enormously from the physiotherapy treatment he received, which inspired me all the more to work in a discipline which can make a real difference to people’s lives. At the same time, as a keen sportsman I am very much aware of the types of injury the body can undergo, and of the value of the non-invasive methods of the physiotherapist in healing trauma and giving people the chance to return to normal life.

I have undertaken work experience placements in several areas of my chosen field. I have completed a 20-week session shadowing a physiotherapist working with the elderly, observing many techniques such as hydrotherapy and ultrasound. I also spent ten weeks shadowing and observing in the orthopaedic and trauma surgery unit at the New Queen Elizabeth Hospital, which gave me an excellent insight into the whole process from diagnosis to rehabilitation and led to me being offered a permanent full-time post. Prior to this I spent two years as a volunteer health care assistant at a substance abuse clinic in London, where I encountered patients who had suffered both physical and psychological problems as a result of substance abuse. This taught me much about the way the health care system works, seeing how patients’ conditions were managed week by week and noting their improvement during their time at the facility, and observing how the referral process operated for both voluntary and involuntary patients. I learnt much about the need for patience and understanding in this clinic, essential qualities in the healthcare professional. It was the neuro care aspects which most interested me in these placements and made me want to work in an intensive care environment myself. I have attended several lectures on primary care in an NHS trust and follow closely the entries on the website of the Chartered Society for Physiotherapists.

I am always keen to maintain my own fitness and in 2009 I ran the London Marathon to raise money for the forces charity Seafarers UK, which involved a very intensive course of training and called for extreme self-discipline and determination. I am in training for the 2012 event now. I have captained a rugby team to success in local competitions, a role which has allowed me to develop skills of leadership and resilience under pressure, as well as teaching me the value of teamwork and the need to be aware of others’ points of view. I am a keen Muay Thai boxer, with around 12 years’ experience of the sport, which is both enjoyable and a useful training in self-discipline and maintaining a clear focus.

I am a very approachable individual and have the ability to communicate with anyone on my level. I am also compassionate and feel strongly the importance of caring for the vulnerable and giving them the opportunity to live a normal life. I take pride in the work of any team I am a member of, but have the confidence in my own judgement to be equally comfortable working on my own initiative. I am ambitious and determined to succeed. My commitment to my subject is total, and I believe I have the qualities necessary to make a success of a degree course.

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