Physiotherapy Personal Statement

Sample Physiotherapy Personal Statement

My plan to study for a degree in physiotherapy and to make a career in the field has developed partly out of my own enjoyment of physical activity and also out of considerable work experience in advising and instructing people in the value of exercise. For some years I was a keen amateur athlete, achieving success in sprint events on the track, and more recently I have developed an enthusiasm for rock climbing. I already hold a first degree in physical education. I believe very strongly in the importance of physical fitness and wellbeing for the health of the whole man, both physical and mental, and my work as an instructor has convinced me that I have the qualities and the knowledge to help people recover from injuries, to prevent those injuries from happening in the first place and to go on to live fit and healthy lives. As a sportswoman myself I inevitably suffered some injuries and it was the professionalism and efficiency of the physiotherapy staff who treated me that really convinced me that a career in this field of medicine would be immensely satisfying and rewarding, both professionally and personally. I know that physiotherapists are in high demand and that employment prospects are good. The skills are highly transferable and of international value, and the work is full of diversity. It is an exciting prospect.

My working career so far has given me considerable experience in physical training and therapy. At my university in So Paulo I worked as an apprentice physical activity instructor for people over 50 years old, offering varieties of exercises such as stretching, relaxation and massage. I also worked there as a research assistant in the Physiology of Exercise laboratory, where I was involved in a number of projects investigating exercise biomechanics and the relationship between physical activity and health. I also undertook work as a volunteer in the northern Brazilian city of Campo Redondo as part of a group designing exercise and fitness plans to promote the health of the whole community – children, adults and the elderly. With a friend I designed and implemented an indoor climbing project for fellow university students, where we fulfilled all the duties of the instructor, the safety officer, the administrator and the fund raiser! All of these activities taught me a great deal about physiology and biology, but also about working with many sorts of different people, meeting their needs and reassuring them, coping with new environments, being punctual and reliable, and being an efficient administrator.

More recently in the UK I have continued my role as a physical instructor. At present I am working as an instructor for people with physical and mental disabilities. My main interest at present is in water-based exercises and hydrotherapy and my work in the “Try Swimming” Project has allowed me to devise courses in such areas as water jogging to improve mobility. I also worked for a personal training company, dealing with many sorts of health and injury problems, and concentrating particularly on strength training in order to prevent injuries, on the indications which suggest that surgery is advisable in back injuries and on methods of rehabilitation. I have recently taken courses in Exercise Referral and the CYQ level 2 award in Supervising Exercise, and I always keep abreast of recent developments in the science through reading books and media stories.

My long working experience has made my career choice clear and my commitment to my plan total. I communicate efficiently and have three languages, Portuguese, English and Italian. I work well with people and enjoy talking with them and meeting their needs. I also feel confident in my own judgement and am happy to take responsibility for my own personal decisions. I believe that I know how to work as a professional and to be responsive, reliable and approachable. I hope you will consider my application.

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