Pharmacy Personal Statement

Sample Pharmacy Personal Statement

Pharmacy offers everything I desire in my career – science, challenge and making a difference to people’s lives. Pharmaceuticals are an important aspect of society, constantly evolving to better the health and wellbeing of communities. I believe my strong academic achievements, work experience, skills and passion for science make me an ideal candidate to study Pharmacy.

Gaining work experience in local pharmacies, has confirmed pharmacy is my vocation. Placement in a community pharmacy has given me a greater insight in to the working of a pharmacy. My commitment and enthusiasm allowed me to gain trust and responsibility in dealing with customers. A notable situation involved an under sixteen girl requesting the morning after pill, where I then had to complete a mini-questionnaire, before she could receive the pill. This highlighted the medical ethics pharmacists are bound to, providing patients’ treatment and medication without judgement and in confidence. Regular customer interaction requires excellent communication skills, where I demonstrated my ability to show empathy, active listening and confidence. Building positive and trusting relationships with customers is important for patient wellbeing, where people may present a range of emotions, capacities and complications.

Current work experience in another local pharmacy allows me to fully immerse myself in to the centre of a busy pharmacy. I enjoy working among a large group of healthcare professionals, where the team is focused on delivering high quality, comprehensive care that addresses the patient’s needs but also allows for patient autonomy. Working with a range of healthcare professionals, I understand there will be ideas that are consistent and alternative to one’s own theories. My ability to rationalise, consider other views and learn from these will be beneficial during study and in my future career.

I believe self directed learning is important to keep abreast of the dynamic field of pharmaceuticals. Experience at a Medical Leech Biopharm, I worked with scientists who provided leeches to hospitals and clinics across the world. Here I learnt how natural treatments may sometimes be a better alternative to some drugs. Departments of Infection, Immunity and Biochemistry provided an insightful workshop in arthritis. Successful completion of the Silvery Pre-Healthcare Diploma has given me solid grounding in the effects current medical and scientific affairs has on everyday life, from asthma and diabetes to hypertension.

In these experiences, I have gained a higher level of knowledge of over the counter and prescription drugs, treatments, relief and side effects all medication. Effective communication skills, attention to detail and problem solving are essential for a productive, cohesive and successful pharmacy and customer relations. Leadership and presentation skills have been developed through my involvement in Model United Nations Conference and acting as host for the Cultural Event at college. My interest in the human body, medicine and recovery is reflected in the completion of the British Red Cross course, where I can confidently provide first aid. Philanthropic endeavours include volunteering for Oxfam, where I enjoy being a part of the charitable initiatives.

In my free time, I enjoy boxing and football; both physically intense allowing me to maintain a good level of fitness where I can play competitively in a team. Regular exercise has highlighted the importance of keeping the body and mind healthy, so to focus better on studies and work. I hope to continue these sports at university.

Enthusiasm, motivation and commitment alongside my passion for pharmacy is a strong base in which I hope to build a career in pharmaceuticals. I wish to develop my pharmacological knowledge, practical experience and research skills to become an active and successful healthcare professional who can make a real difference.

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