Pharmacy Personal Statement

Example Pharmacy Personal Statement

For as long as I can remember I have strived towards a career in healthcare. When I was a child I was mainly raised by my grandmother, and I could accompany her to visit her Doctor regularly. I enjoyed playing a role in looking after her health, in the small ways that a child can, by making sure she took her tablets on time and testing her blood for diabetes. I was inspired by how a small amount of medication and regular checkups could improve a persons’ quality of life significantly. As I grew older I found that I had a passion for mathematics and the sciences, particularly chemistry. This interest has grown over time and I came to realise that my ideal profession would combine my desire to help people with my love of chemical science. I am confident that I would find a career in the vast field of pharmacy rewarding.

I understand that this course is demanding and challenging, requiring a high level of commitment, but I find this invigorating rather than daunting. I believe that this Pharmacy course will furnish me with all of the knowledge necessary to become an expert in this field. I believe that Pharmacy has the potential to help people on a world-wide scale, following the example of Fleming’s discovery of Penicillin which has helped and saved millions of lives. I have had the pleasure of visiting Chemistry labs and I know that this course will provide the best equipment and quality of teaching, allowing me to become the best I can possibly be.

To date I have a strong academic record. Despite the interference of numerous personal issues during my exam periods I have attained A grades in both Science and Mathematics, due to my dedication and willpower. I have applied similar devotion to my A level studies and I am now predicted to receive an A* in my Mathematics A level as well as A’s in both Chemistry and Biology. I am confident that my academic prowess will continue throughout my time at University as I am enthusiastic about the study of Pharmacy, and will therefore thoroughly apply myself to the task of becoming an expert in the subject. I already spend my leisure time improving my knowledge as much as possible: I regularly read New Scientist magazine and have attended many lectures in various fields through my membership to the Royal Institute for Science.

Alongside academia I dedicate my spare time to extra-curricular activities. I am an active person and enjoy basketball and badminton. During my time at school I was elected to be Sports Captain, which helped me to develop my communication and leadership skills through group activities and team playing. I am also an active member of my church in the local community. I regularly read at services, which has improved my confidence, and I enjoying helping out at charity events. I am eager to continue these activities while representing the University, as both a member of university sports teams and through voluntary charity work.

My work experience has largely reflected my desire to help people. In the Summer of 2012 I began working in a voluntary capacity for a local Cancer Research shop in West London. This job has taught me to interact with people of all ages and all backgrounds, and I believe I work well within the team to provide a good customer service. I have also arranged for a voluntary placement in a local pharmacy, shadowing the workers and improving my knowledge of the pharmaceutical profession. I believe this placement will teach me the realities of a job in pharmacy and help me understand the role from a practical point of view.

My ideal career goal is to become an industrial pharmacist. I would love to go into the research field and aid in the discovery and creation of new pharmaceutical drugs which can combat disease around the world. This ambition is a driving force in my life, pushing me to work hard. I am also a highly organised perfectionist who always aims to meet high standards. I am looking forward to bringing my ideals and contributions to the University, and I hope to be a model student.

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